The Adventures of Happy Ho Ho

This Hostess gem from the Waffle Whiffer might be the very first appearance of Happy Ho Ho, the Ho Ho mascot. I loved when foods have little comics on them. I would read them all at the store and if I ever persuaded my Mom to buy one, I would read it every time I got to have that food. Happy Ho Ho got his start in 1970 and never in the history of food has their been a happier dancing chocolate cake.

Nabisco Pom Poms were Delicious

Browsing the online collection of the Waffle Whiffer will always lead you to a memory that you had long forgotten. This week, he posted a scan of the box for the the delicious Nabisco candy Pom Poms. I adored these when I was a kid (I am a sucker for chocolate and caramel) and I remember bringing these into the movies with me and telling everyone who would listen to me, how superior they were to Milk Duds.

** I am pretty sure my sister sent away for that Fonzie doll.

1970s Taco Bell Wrapper

We did not have Taco Bells in my neck of the woods when I was growing up. I would hear about them and seen them on TV for a long time before I had my first crunch delicious bite. Because of this, my historical references for the chain are weak, but when I spot some bit of Taco Bell History it is all new to me, which makes it very exciting.

This Taco Bell Wrapper was posted to Flickr by The Waffle Whiffer. I have looked at this thing a couple of times now and I gotta say, the simple, two tone understated wrapper is pretty classy compared to the garish colors that would follow.