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Learn all about the TV show “Voyagers!” on the Retroist Video Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist “Voyagers” VIDEO podcast. On this episode of the show, I talk about cult time travel TV classic, Voyagers! I start off talking about my love of history in books and why this TV show was perfect for me (and my grandmother).

I then talk about the people behind the camera, the tragic death of one of its stars, the plot, the music, the show’s untimely cancellation and much much more. If you want to learn more about Voyagers! Take a trip down to your public library. Remember its all in books!

This video podcast was done by Justin M. Salvato of and is a video-ized version of the original Voyagers! podcast I did.


Not a video fan? Listen to the original audio episode.

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RetroArt - What the Retroist Means to Me

What The Retroist Means To Me By RetroArt

Things thought lost but now found again.

That is what the Retroist and his site means to me and I’m sure to thousands of others thanks to the site.

I envy the first time visitor who stumbles across the Retroist site and is dazzled by the brilliance of the treasure trove of things thought long lost to time gathered all in one place by a busy band of enthusiastic contributors. I recall the first time I made this discovery and I have been grateful for the Retroist ever since. This digital cave of retro-wonders has allowed me to fill in the holes of my own Pop Culture background.

I was a very tunnel-visioned child growing up in the 1970s and 1980s. I only paid attention to those things which I was immediately focused on. Everything else didn’t matter to me, wasn’t deemed worth my time. Because of this I was only vaguely aware of other things happening, like other tv shows, other movies, other music, other games, etc. The Retroist site has allowed me to become aware of so many other things that were going on around us all back then. Now, today, I have the ability to appreciate all that I missed while growing up.

The best case example of this that I can give is the MAGNUM PI tv series which ran from 1980 thru 1988. I did not see a single episode.

RetroArt - Magnum, P.I.

Tom Selleck in a 1980 Ferrari 308 GTS for Magnum, P.I.

Apparently as a 12-20 year old I was not interested in watching the exploits of a mustachioed, short-shorts wearing, ex-Navy officer now turned private investigator racing around Hawaii in a red Ferrari solving the problems of both his clients and friends. I have no idea why I wasn’t watching this back then. It’s absolutely great.

But I watch it now, even binge-watched it during four weeks, all thanks to being exposed to how much fun the series is based on the posts and, most importantly the podcast, by the Retroist himself.

This is just one example of how the Retroist has helped me re-discover many other aspects of my Pop Culture childhood that I didn’t appreciate before: QUINCY M.E., the Odyssey video game system, VOYAGERS and even the arcade game MR. DO. The list could go on and on but that’s not necessary. To see all that I have re-discovered, just go to the Retroist site and pick any post. It’s all there.

It isn’t just a revisiting of things from my past which I value about the Retroist but rather a new visit to something I’ve not seen before, something from someone else’s experience in the past which I had not experienced myself. It is this discovery of someone else’s different experiences from our shared, parallel timeline which I enjoy the most from the Retroist site. And this is also why I have contributed posts to the site as well.

Even though I have contributed only eighteen posts to the Retroist site, I did so because I wanted to give and not just take. I wanted to share something I thought is special from our collective Pop Culture history and call attention to it in hopes it could be re-appreciated. The Retroist and his wonderful site is a haven for all those who want to share these “discoveries” and give that particular item of interest its due moment in the spotlight, possibly once again after being lost to the trends of time.

That’s what the Retroist means to me, a solitary, shining site of appreciation on the vast expanse of the Internet.

Thank you, Retroist, for having done this.

It is much appreciated.

An ’83 AfterSchool Special with David Letterman about VOYAGERS!

Most are familiar with the ABC AfterSchool Specials which aired during the 70s through the 80s covering serious social topics for kids such as divorce, substance abuse, illiteracy and other controversial subjects. In 1983, David Letterman did his own AfterSchool Special that covered a topic that was probably just as difficult for kids: the cancellation of the NBC TV series VOYAGERS!. Perhaps before watching how David Letterman consoles a grieving, young TV viewer it would be good to see the canceled show which caused this much emotional turmoil.

Now for David Letterman’s wise words of advice and sympathy in dealing with the tragic TV loss of VOYAGERS!.
David’s viewing suggestions to take the place of VOYAGERS! in the heart of little Jimmy are some retro gems worth taking a quick look at.

Was Jimmy right in saying that the Fall TV season of 1983 was going to be the best ever?
With a shape-changing crime fighter and a talking orangutan in Washington?
Perhaps he’s right.
Yes, perhaps he’s right.

Want to learn more about the TV series VOYAGERS!?
It’s all in podcasts!

Titanic on the TV Show Voyagers!

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, I rediscovered the Titanic episode of one of my old fav TV shows, “Voyagers!”. Voyagers! was about a group of people with special devices that looked like pocket watches, which they used to travel through time & correct errors in history. There was apparently some sort of society of these travellers, as we would occaisionally see others pop in for an episode or two. However, the main focus of the show was on one voyager & the kid he picked up by accident from the 20th century. The man is at first annoyed that the kid got dragged along and keeps trying to return him to his time (which isn’t easy, since they don’t have control over where/when they land), but eventually realizes that he needs the kid’s help. The voyager knows precious little about the events in history which he’s supposed to be fixing (which makes you wonder what the selection process was for his position), but the kid knows a lot about historical events. The plot was similar to that of Quantum Leap, except that Voyagers! came out several years earlier.

Voyagers! was also a form of edutainment. The episodes would put some emphasis on the historical events they were covering, and at the end of each they would have a sort of mini-PSA where they told you to go to your local library & look up information on the events seen in that episode.

I had almost forgotten about this show, but decided to watch it again online. What is the first episode I happen to click on? The one about the Titanic. How’s that for a coinky-dink?

In this episode they land on the Titanic & have to save the Mona Lisa from going down with the ship, but the boy wants to try to save all the passengers, or prevent the crash altogether. This is also one of the episode where they encounter another voyager.

Now, without further ado, here is the episode on VEOH.