Vincent Price for Monster Vitamins

I recall asking to get Monster vitamins as wee lad (along with Flintstones’ vitamins), but my Mother was convinced that vitamins that looked like candy were unnecessary and as I have stated before, would probably led me to OD on vitamins. Now I am thinking, maybe she also saw this creepy Vincent Price ad. What is he doing?? What mother would give their kids vitamins sold my a guy striking this particular pose?


[via] Flickr

Remember When Flintstone’s Vitamins Came in Glass Jars?

Those jars look like the ones my mother kept all of our family spices in. I am going to have to call her and see if she was reusing vitamin bottles or if vitamin bottles use to be much cooler in the early 1970s.

Oh and these kids give the creeps something fierce. I feel like they might use their inflatable Fred to smother me to death if I accidentally wander onto their Lord of the Flies playground.

flintstones vitamins ad