Sega Virtual Reality

SEGA VR (virtual reality headset from 1993)

Thanks to what felt like endless press about virtual reality in the early 1990s and the film The Lawnmower Man, SEGA decided to throw their hat into the ring of VR. Obviously this had the possibility of making consumers look their way and maybe even tempt them to buy the Sega Genesis instead of the Super Nintendo. So what happened to this piece of technology?

VIDEO GAME STARS explains in their 90 second video. In the video, you’ll see former MTV host Alan Hunter on stage at a CES show to demonstrate this device. I wonder how people were more focused on his ridiculously loud shirt than the headset. Anyway..

If you’re wondering, I made the video. If you like it, you’re welcome. If you don’t, um, here’s Sonic going down an endless waterslide.

Access Denied – exiting the world of The Lawnmower Man

The Lawnmower Man

Back in 1992 I visited the cinema to see The Lawnmower Man. The early glimpse of CGI that the film offered was incredible and it remains a guilty pleasure for me to this day.

If I’m honest, I could probably super-cut the movie into around 10 minutes to get all of the parts that I really enjoy. Most of that would be the ending where Jobe, the titular character, is trapped within the virtual world, trying to escape. The “Access Denied” scenes are very silly but for some reason always make me smile whilst I wait for the singular “Access Granted” to free Jobe into the wider world.

Sadly this clip lacks the true ending to the film but that’s perhaps a good thing. If you’ve not seen the movie, then I encourage you to go and watch it and discover it for yourself.