Vintage Carnation Pumpkin Pie Ad and Recipe

Nothing sweeter then some delicious Pumpkin Pie made with rich delicious Carnation Evaporated milk. OMG these ads must really work. The sweet double milk taste of Carnation is all I can think about. I want to use it my cookies, pies and cakes. I want to feed hungry orphans from Carnation fountains that pour forth whippable milk product. I want to swim in an ocean of the sweet white to an island of confections, where I will eat pumpkin pie from a golden pie plate until I explode. I will disolve under a blue milk moon and my Carnation milk saturated essence will seep into the graham cracker soil and flow into the Carnation streams and I will be one with milke.

carnations famous pumpkin pie

Here is an enlarged view of the recipe:
carnations famous pumpkin pie recipe

Vintage Swan Soap Ad

Swan was a brand of soap marketed by Lever Brothers Company in the 1940s and 1950s. Like its competitor Ivory, it was a floating soap. Swan was advertised as a soap that could be used in the kitchen as a hand soap or in the bathroom to bathe the baby. A typical ad boasted that Swan was “the white floating soap that’s purer than the finest castiles”. Lever Brothers used the Swan brand name to sponsor several radio programs, including The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show from 1941 to 1945, My Friend Irma in the late 1940s, and The Bob Hope Show from 1948 to 1949. As you can see Swan Soap’s print ads were colorful works of art, and often featured children, babies, soapsuds and, of course, a swan. Many people had the Swan Soap ad prints displayed on their wall at home. The art prints were made available to the public as a promotion by the company.

vintage swan soap ad