Are You A Vidiot? (1982)

Am I a Vidiot? Why…yes, yes I am.

[Via] TeeKee_2008’s Photobucket Album

I wonder if the pull out poster advertised in this gaming magazine was the cover art? I sure hope it was because I’d love for that to be hanging on my wall. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the the person on the cover vaguely resembling Tron.

Vidiot was an offshoot of Creem, “America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine”. A monthly magazine published by Lester Bangs in March of 1961 and running until 1981. It is claimed that “Punk Rock” was first said to be used by Creem as well as “Heavy Metal”.

Theme Song from “Joysticks” is Pure 1980s Magic


Want to hear one of the most wonderfully awesome Movie songs of the 1980s? Am I talking about the theme from Top Gun? Eye of the Tiger? Heck no, its the theme song to the rightfully underrated movie, Joysticks. Words cannot express how much I love this move and this songs is perfect distillation of its essence. Its like eating the sweetest of royal jelly ripped from the largest most neon beehive you could lay your hand on back in 1983. For more info on Joysticks check out the IMDB.


Update:Brian found the link to a band that covers this tune. Its awesome! Check out the LSDudes.