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Happy Valentine’s Day, 1930’s style

I’ve bought a fair number of Valentine cards over the past 20 years and they’ve always had a certain theme. I guess you could call it ‘romantic’. That makes sense, if you want to woo a potential partner, or reaffirm … Continue reading

Michael Jordan Valentine’s Day Cards

I did not open the box, but I guarantee you at least one of them says “Our love is a SLAM DUNK!”

An 8-Bit Valentine’s Day Rose

This Valentine’s Day, I got my retro-loving wife an 8-Bit Rose from ThinkGeek.com. For as long as she has it, I’m sure my wife will look at this rose and say, “my husband’s a dork.” Would a rose of any … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day From Stop Motion Smurfs!

I was aiming to post an episode of the Smurfs, possibly a Valentine’s Day special when this stop motion video popped up under my search conditions. I knew that I had found the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. [Via] Lleski’s YouTube … Continue reading

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day!” like John Carpenter’s “The Thing”

I love clever card ideas. I especially like ones that I would never have come up with if you sat me down in a room with a pencil for a decade. This very unique Valentine by Lacie O’Connor is guaranteed … Continue reading

COIN-OP TV reveals their Top 5 co-op Video Games to play with your significant Other

Just in time for Valentine’s Day COIN-OP TV has put together a list of some games that you can play with your significant other. Hailey Bright hosts…

Printable Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards

Did you forget to get a Valentine’s Day card today? Well no need to run to the store, just point your browser over tp the website of Christoper Tupa and print out one of his hi-res Star Wars themed Valentine’s … Continue reading