Happy Valentine’s Day, 1930’s style


I’ve bought a fair number of Valentine cards over the past 20 years and they’ve always had a certain theme. I guess you could call it ‘romantic’. That makes sense, if you want to woo a potential partner, or reaffirm your love for someone, then a card that promotes those feelings of romance is definitely the way to go.

Which makes me wonder why cards produced 80 years ago were so… what’s the word? Unromantic? I know that times were different and sexual equality had a long way to go but did these cards make any woman feel special?


Images above and an endless supply of other vintage Valentine cards can be found at the Vintage Valentine Museum.

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day!” like John Carpenter’s “The Thing”

I love clever card ideas. I especially like ones that I would never have come up with if you sat me down in a room with a pencil for a decade. This very unique Valentine by Lacie O’Connor is guaranteed to go over well with that special person in your life AND If it doesn’t, it is time to move on. After all can you really be happy with someone who would not spend hours discussing whether or not Child was infected. This card is more than just good sentiment, it is a relationship barometer and therefore, a lifesaver.

[via] Etsy

Printable Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards

star wars valentines

Did you forget to get a Valentine’s Day card today? Well no need to run to the store, just point your browser over tp the website of Christoper Tupa and print out one of his hi-res Star Wars themed Valentine’s Day Card. Choose from 4 unique cards all with different sentiments and different characters. This is your opportunity to show your love for a person AND Star Wars with one piece of paper! It is guaranteed to make the various geeks in your life very happy.

Printable Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards [@] Christopher Tupa

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