80s Movie Poster Heroes and their Ladies

Vision Quest was one of the movies I missed in the 80s. I finally got around to watching it tonight. I liked it, and there is lots I could say about it: Matthew Modine, Daphne Zuninga, the old man from Home Alone, the 80s sound track (Berlin, John Waite, REO Speedwagon, Journey), the actual appearance of Madonna, the meandering way movies of that time had. But what I really left the movie with is a greater appreciation of the poster.
I had seen the poster before and liked it. I don’t know why it never led me to the movie, but I still liked it. On the surface, there’s not much to like. It’s just a guy and a girl. But below that, it expresses one of the most important ideas of an 80s film: the proximity of the hero to the heroine. Look at how Modine is embracing Fiorentino: its not only intimate and slightly sexual but also tender. She is affirming him and he is protecting her.

You see similar hero-heroine poses in several other movie posters.




(Okay, maybe this one shouldn’t count.)

It was an idea communicated in pictures, not words or actions. But it was one I clearly received, and one that I still love today.

Theme from Vacation in Mario Paint Composer


Back in the day, I played with Mario Paint Composer just long enough to get it to play the first six notes of “Happy Birthday to You”. I think it took me a week. With that in mind, check out ResettisReplicas’s latest masterpiece, a version of Lindsay Buckingham’s classic song “Holiday Road”, a song best known as being the theme from National Lampoon’s Vacation.