1983 PM Segment Reveals The Special Effects For V: The Miniseries!

I was in Elementary School when V: The Miniseries first aired on NBC back on May 1, 1983. Which was a Sunday so I promise you that all anyone was talking about including my teacher, Mrs. Pennington, was V. In particular the infamous devouring of a Hamster scene…
Diana - Gerbil - V the Miniseries
…get ready for it…
V - Hamster
…and a nice dose of nightmare juice for my 11-year-old self.
V - Diana - Hamster
Anyway. It was a watershed moment for myself…as well…pretty much everyone at that time. Just the other day, Ashley Thomas of The Nerdy Blogger happened to ask if anyone knew how the effects were done in that 1983 miniseries. Just by luck I found this PM Magazine report that shows just how they did manage to make it look like reptilian invaders in Human guise was pulled off.

If you look closely you will also see a Zando-Zan from The Last Starfighter!

[Via] MikeDonovan23