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Remember The E.T. Coors Poster…Wait, What?!

While it has apparently been known for a little while. Until the other day I never knew this E.T. Coors poster ever existed. At first I will admit I didn’t believe it was real. Doing a little bit of research online collaborated that this was in fact not a bit of clever fan art.
E.T. Coors Poster

In particular it was coming across an article from Shawn Robare’s always awesome Branded in the 80s that convinced me. Still I think it’s rather odd. Steven Spielberg’s classic 1982 film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial in turn led to this E.T. Coors poster being created?!

But after all I think you’ll remember that Coors appeared pretty prominently in the 1982 movie. At least in the case of a rather humorous scene involving the link between Elliot and of course E.T. – who is left to entertain himself, while the young boy is at school.
E.T. Coors Poster

While I can’t speak for you – obviously. However when I first saw the movie I can tell you the audience was roaring with laughter as E.T. became inebriated. My Father included. Furthermore I can remember having a difficult time hearing anything in this beer guzzling scene because of that laughter.

[Via] Movieclips

I think that while nowadays we might be taken aback by the idea of this E.T. Coors poster. I mean can you imagine how it would be accepted if a PG family film coming out today had a tie-in poster with an alcoholic brand?

Granted having said that, when you get down to it – Coors was actually doing a good thing. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial naturally had a cultural impact at the time of its release. Moreover by playing on one of E.T.’s more popular lines from the films it possibly saved lives as well.

Having talked a bit about the E.T. Coors poster. Why not enjoy this 1990 pre-show for Universal Studios E.T. Adventure?

[Via] Lucas Vieira

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2011 – Lady Luck Is Waiting.

Thanks to our friends over at the Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Facebook page for sharing this glimpse of this year’s Horror Night Icon, who most fans believe will be called Lady Luck. Which makes sense to me with all of the gambling themes we’ve seen so far. This will mark the 21st year that Halloween Horror Nights has been in operation.

The photo has this quote attached to it: “At HHN 21 choice is not an option… your demise is inevitable when it’s in her hands.”

Notice the floor at the bottom of that picture…it sure is wet…but the question is with what? I do dig how this year seems to have a 1960’s flair to it, that might just be what I see though.

The Facebook page keeps updating for the event and with Halloween Horror Nights there is usually a bit of viral fun to be had from the Orlando site, so that those who wish to learn more about the lore of this event can dig a little deeper. Some websites have been receiving mysterious cards like the one posted below, yet again from the Facebook page.