Sperry Univac in Irvine, California (1982)

Today’s Photo of the Day was posted by Desert4wd (Doug) and shows the interior of Sperry Univac’s Irvine, CA facility.

According to Desert4wd, This is “Sperry Univac – Irvine, CA . (One of ten buildings) and I’m not sure of the correct description of it. In any case it housed programmers, off-line and (online, in house) systems. Cards, disks, tapes and reams of paper.”

A great piece of history. As a kid I dreamed of working in rooms like this.

Sperry Univac - 1982

Univac Computer Commercial

This is weather…

The Univac computer by Remington Rand. Promoted features are the possibility of more accurate weather forecasting, the ability to process over twelve thousand characters per second, make over two thousand mathematical calculations per second, a printer capable of six hundred lines per minute and the system’s ability to check itself for errors.

The general purpose model is shown in this commercial. Three additional models were available: the scientific model, the file model and the punch card model.