Unboxing the IBM PCjr

I appreciate all the nice comments I got after the video unboxing of some PCjr games. So, I decided to unbox the PCjr itself to see if it still runs.? The video reveals if the PCjr survived 18 years in storage.

About the IBM PCjr:

Announced November 1, 1983, and first shipped in late January 1984, the PCjr?nicknamed “Peanut” before its debut[2]?came in two models: the 4860-004, with 64 KB of memory, priced at US$669 (equivalent to $1,589 in present-day terms); and the 4860-067, with 128 KB of memory and a 360 KB 5.25-inch floppy disk drive, priced at US$1,269 (equivalent to $3,015 in present-day terms). It was manufactured for IBM in Lewisburg, Tennessee by Teledyne. The PCjr promised a high degree of compatibility with the IBM PC, which was already a popular business computer, in addition to offering built-in color graphics and 3 voice sound that was better than the standard PC speaker sound and color graphics of the standard IBM PC and compatibles of the day. The PCjr is also the first PC compatible machine that supports page flipping for graphics operation. Since the PCjr uses system RAM to store video content and the location of this storage area can be changed, it could perform flicker-free animation and other effects that were either difficult or impossible to produce on contemporary PC clones.

The Haunted Drive-In?

Before I get to my first Unboxing video, let me tell you why I’m doing this video in the first place. This afternoon I received a knock on my porch door from the mailman, when I picked up the package he had left I was a little perplexed. The box had clearly been burned or I should say it looked to have been scorched more than a bit. On the outside of the box it was labeled as coming from Haddofield, IL and from someone called “Carl”.

As I stated in the video, I was pretty excited at first because I thought this might be a goodie from our friends over at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando but as soon as I opened the box up…those hopes were dashed. But getting a box full of VERY foul smelling popcorn and some film (It was part of the trailer to the 1970’s King Kong!) is kind of exciting…though I really hope that film wasn’t original.

Here is a picture that I found for the “Starlight Starbright Family Drive-In” burning down. The only other bit of information I was able to dig up was that one of the employee’s of the place sadly died in the fire. It’s kind of weird because there just isn’t that much information about the place at all.

Here is that video the handwritten note directed me to:

I’ll update with information as I get it. I’d like to point out again…that popcorn just reeked!