“Please Forgive Me, Mega Man” by SpaceCoyote

A huge thanks to `spacecoyote over at deviantART for this wonderful Mega Man illustration!

“I got into #UdonCrew’s official Mega Man Tribute book! This is one of my four entries that DIDN’T make the cut. I predicted there would be many fierce battles and large group pictures entered to the contest, so I wanted to depict simple quiet scenes.

I like how this one came out, but I didn’t think it had a chance of getting in because the idea isn’t very original. I’m going to guess quite a few people who entered chose to illustrate this familiar moment. I could be wrong. But looking at past UDON tribute books, they seem to favour more unique concepts.”

Saturday Supercade: Mega Man Tribute By Joe Ng

I’ve posted a few pieces of artwork from the upcoming UDON Mega Man tribute art book in the last couple of months. Here is one of the finalists for the tome by Joe Ng, a kind of Transformers inspired illustration. A big thanks to the Comic Art Community blog for the heads up on this one!

Why is it that I cannot look at a single Mega Man inspired piece of artwork and not start to hum the theme from Mega Man II?
Update: I had the name wrong unfortunately of the artist, I want to give a big thanks to LBD “Nytetrayn” from the Mega Man network for clearing that up for me. Make sure to follow the links he provided for even more awesome artwork and general Mega Man awesomeness. :)