Better than Bacon!

Friends, as my alter ego, Unicron2005, I’ve been known to frequent the XBLA third-person shooter, Monday Night Combat, for hours at a time. I love the futuristic sports style of the game, its tower defense type of gameplay, and I absolutely adore the hilarious comments by in-game but off-screen sports announcer, Mickey Cantor (Voiced by Rodney Sherwood). The art style of the character/roles you can play that I’m so keen on reminds me…well, of a cartoon world envisioned by Alberto Vargas…I’m not just saying that because of resident mechanic/cheerleader PitGirl. Check out the Monday Night Combat Debut trailer from a few months back.

Of course the hilarity doesn’t end with Cantor, you need only look towards MNC’s mascot, Bullseye for proof of that. In the game universe there are contest winners that are “lucky” enough to get to don the Bullseye mascot suit and find themselves getting tons of bullets poured into them by players in need of cash and power-ups…and best of all sometimes Bullseye drops bacon. Mm, bacon.

But now, thank to those creative geniuses at UberEnt we fans of this awesome game can drool over something even better than bacon! Monday Night Combat statues! Below you can see the hand-painted Tank, Assassin, Assault, and PitGirl collectibles.

MNC Statue Set-UberEnt

So make sure to follow the link above and snag some of those statues for a place of pride on your shelf!