Tyco Hot Lixx Computerized Guitar

I saw a Hot Lixx Guitar at the flea market last week and got very excited until I noticed it was gutted and the guy still wanted 3 bucks for it. Grrrr! I have no music talent, but I have a (weird) habit of sitting at my desk when thinking and using things to make random noises. I think a faux guitar would be the apex of random noisemakers, so I have wanted to get my hands on one of these for years now. The search continues…

Tyco Super Blocks

“Hey Sally! Put down those girly Lego and listen to me, Sergeant Tyco! You think your going to grow up and be a man with your colored bricks and your Lego town collection Florist set? Well do you maggot!? You wanna be a real man? Tyco bricks are for real men! Now they might work with your Lego, but believe you me, those Lego will bow down before the ass-kicking awesomeness of the Tyco bricks and they will have you running home to finish your tea party with that stuffed velvet shark you make wear a dress. So go Sally, run home and cry to your Aunt Molly! We will be here playing Tyco Bricks like real men!!”