This TRON Inspired Artwork Looks Like It Was Plucked From 1982!

While it sadly didn’t really find it’s audience back in 1982 when it was first released to theaters – TRON captivated enough fans to slowly earn a cult status that has kept it in the thoughts of many video game and movie fans. Naturally enough interest was there to help bring TRON: Legacy to the big screen in 2010 and even spawn the absolutely fantastic and seemingly doomed 2012 animated series TRON: Uprising.

Image courtesy of Elak Swindell's Flickr photostream.

Image courtesy of Elak Swindell’s Flickr photostream.

Why is TRON still thought of so fondly – I mean for a film that didn’t exactly set the box office on fire back in ’82? Well, there is the fact it had a great cast and effects that were certainly ahead of its time back in the day – it also had a lot of heart, everyone gave it their all from not just the cast but Steven Lisberger who penned the script and helmed the movie…but perhaps… it was the style of the TRON universe that really set it apart?
TRON - The Grid
In my youth sitting in the Razorback Theater happily munching my giant-sized SweeTARTS and totally being sucked into the world of TRON – it was the Light Cycle match that really blew me away. A very vivid and fond memory. Which is why I was so happy to see this beautiful art from Movie Car Posters.Com!
TRON - Light Cycle -
The iconic TRON symbol with the minimalist design of a light cycle plus that weathered look to the poster…it really does look like something offered by Scholastic’s Book Club. This isn’t the only famous movie and TV vehicle that Movie Car Posters offers so make sure to go visit their site by clicking that link provided up top.
See you all on the Game Grid!

New Commercial For Tron: Uprising!

The Tron: Uprising information train is apparently going full speed across the Grid as we have another TV commercial to share. Last week we had the exciting 16 second teaser to drool over…now we have a full minute and this time we get some pretty awesome story details.

[Via] Comix Fan VN’s YouTube Channel

Really enjoyed seeing some of the original guards from the first Tron film in that commercial. I couldn’t get a really good look at the character Beck (Elijah Wood) was sparring against, though I assume that is Rinzler…which makes me wonder if my original guess about what happened to Tron is correct. Did Tron somehow get infected with his battle against Clu…is he slowly turning into the Rinzler we see in Tron: Legacy?

I sadly do not have Disney XD on my cable lineup, hopefully I’ll be able to catch the show on iTunes or through Zune, but to be honest I don’t think that June will get here fast enough for my liking.

Tron: Uprising Details! (Spoilers)

A bit of time has passed on the Grid and real life since we’ve heard anything new concerning the Disney XD debut of the Tron: Uprising animated series. Last evening I found a report that states it will hit the airwaves starting in June but their will be 10 three minute micro episodes that will appear in April. Though whether that is just on Disney XD or perhaps they’ll have a website you can visit to watch it is still in question.

Thanks to our friends at Collider.Com for these excerpts on the storyline for the series from Disney Channels’ President and Chief Creative Officer Gary Marsh: (Spoilers)

“What’s happened is that Tron has been badly injured by villainous Clu, but he has found a protege, a brilliant young mechanic, who is another program like himself, named Beck and voiced by Elijah Wood, who TRON decides he is going to train to be the next TRON.”

For those that have picked up Marvel Comics Tron: Betrayal you will recognize that the series takes place just shortly after the end of that tale. Uprising is set in between the two original movies, it also seems more than possible that we shall learn how the great Tron falls and becomes Rinzler, perhaps he has been infected by Clu’s programming during that initial attack that we saw in the comics and flashback sequence in Legacy? Like a slow poison in his system? (End Spoilers)

How about some Tron: Uprising music top pick up your day?

[Via] Trailer Music America on YouTube

Love the music from TRON? Want to know more about its arranger and orchestrater? Drop by the official website of Joseph Trapanese. There you will find samples of his many works from movies like TRON: Legacy and TV shows like the hit series, Dexter.