Beetlejuice, Trolls, and Smurfette

Sometimes when I see odd groupings of toys displayed like this in an antique mall, I can’t help but wonder — did the person selling the toys arrange them this way? Did someone come along and move the toys around like this? Or maybe it’s like Toy Story and the toys come to life at night, only to freeze when human beings come along and spoil their night of fun.

I’d like to think that if Beetlejuice ever held a tea party, the Trolls and Smurfette would be invited to attend.


Cats Eye Troll

Cat’s Eye Troll by Sean Hartter

All you cat haters out there, and you know who you are, take note. If a tiny troll lives in your home and is trying to steal your breath, you can’t count on the family dog. That guys too tired from chasing his tail all day. Instead its up to the family cat to save the day — and your life. If you do not have a cat this might be the last thing you see or potentially something you have already seen if you watched the movie, Cat’s Eye.

Cats Eye Troll