Adult Games in the Coleco 1988 Games and Preschool Catalog

Trivial Pursuit

Don’t go getting too excited Retroists, the ‘Adult’ game here is Trivial Pursuit which I guess should have been expected from a catalog with the word preschool in the title. However, I’m intrigued by one of the pocket player sets – Boob Tube!

Boob Tube

Sadly, that turned out to be a bust too (sorry) and the pack is all about TV shows.

The Coleco catalog was found on the excellent Orange Slime website – expect more from the catalog in the future from me!

Entertainment Tonight Board Game

2013-11-11 11.22.35

My wife recently told me that for the holidays, she would like to get together with some friends and family and maybe play some board games. Always happy to oblige my wife, I picked this one up last week.

Based on the rules printed on the back of the box, it looks Entertainment Tonight plays similar to Trivial Pursuit, with a twist where players can “bluff” answers on some questions. I’m looking forward to breaking out the eggnog and this game later this year when Grandma comes over.

2013-11-11 11.23.01