From The Blob to Star Wars: The Science Fiction Movie Quiz Book

I don’t remember exactly when I got this book, but I remember I got it new, probably from the school’s book club. From The Blob to Star Wars: The Science Fiction Movie Quiz Book was released in 1977 and covers tons of science fiction films from the 50s, 60s and 70s. I am looking forward to breaking this book out during the holiday season and quizzing family members about their science fiction knowledge!

TV Quiz Posted on Net.Games in 1981


Waaaay back in 1981, early Usenet user, “Dave” posted a little trivia contest in the Newsgroup Net.Games that is not only a really cool chunk of TV geek history but a fun trivia contest. I love that the quiz is just recycled from another source. It demonstrates how little things have changed online in 30 years. Still the quiz is great and I wonder how many can the modern retro TV fan answer?

Here is Dave’s full post, titled “net.trivia” from December 10, 1981:

Well, all you games lovers, here's something for you.  For now,
I'll just send this to, and we can move it to
later, if there's interest.  

        1. What was the name of the original gas station attendant
        on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW?  Who played him?

        2. Ralph and Alice Kramden were characters on what show?

        3. Who was Elly May's cousin on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES?
        Who played him?

        4. Name Kate's three daughters on PETTICOAT JUNCTION.

        5. What was the name of Darrin's friend and employer on
        BEWITCHED?  Who played him?

        6. Name the ship-wrecked actress on GILLIGAN'S ISLAND.  Who
        played her?

        7. What device did Maxwell Smart insist on using in his
        conversations with the chief on GET SMART?

        8. Who was the captain's heartthrob on F TROOP?  Who played

        9. Who was the nitwit German Sergeant on HOGAN'S HEROES? Who
        played him?

        10. Name the father on THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER.  Who
        played him?

        11. What's the last name of the character played by Mary Tyler

        12. What did Oscar do for a living on THE ODD COUPLE?  What did
        Felix do?

        13. What was the name of the original commanding officer on
        M*A*S*H*? Who played him?

        14. Name the character played by David Cassidy on THE PARTRIDGE

        15. What was Ann's last name on THAT GIRL?  Who played her?

        16. Who played Mr. Lucky?  Who played Andamo?

        17. Who was the creator and host of THE TWILIGHT ZONE?

        18. Can you complete the titles of the following soap opera's?
                A.  THE INNER ______________________
                B.  THE ROAD OF ____________________
                C.  THE GUIDING ____________________
                D.  THE GREATEST ___________________
                E.  _______________ WINDOWS
                F.  ONE MAN'S ______________________
                G.  THE BRIGHTER ___________________
                H.  THE ________________ STORM
                I.  _______________ LOVE

        19. Who was the original female member of the MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE
        strike force?  Who played her?

        20. Name the space ship's original commander on STAR TREK.  What
        actor played him in guest appearances?

        21. Name the actors who played the following guest villians on
                A. The Joker
                B. The Penguin
                C. Catwoman
                D. The Mad Hatter
                E. Mr. Freeze
                F. King Tut
                G. The Riddler
                H. Egghead
                I. The Chicken

        22. On DRAGNET, what was the name of Sergeant Friday's sidekick?
        Who played him?

        23. What actor periodically appeared as Al Capone on THE

        24. Who played Erskine on THE F.B.I.?

        25. What was the name of the T.V. movie that served as the
        pilot for the series KOJAK?

Well, gang, if you liked these, I've got a whole book of them (and that's
just T.V.!!), and can send some in once every couple of days.  If you
wnat more of them, send me a little something in mail or news.


P.S. - The book is "The TV GUIDE Quiz Book". 

Answers to the Retro Rewind Trivia Time Challenge #1

Hopefully you got all your answers in for last weeks Retro Rewind Trivia Time Challenge #1, because here are the answers.

1 – Which 80’s movie had this line in it – “The question is not what are we going to do. The question is what aren’t we going to do?”.

Answer. Ferris Buellers Day Off. What a classic! So many quotable lines.

2 – In 1985, George Michael sold more albums than Michael Jackson. True or false?

Answer: Waaaaaay false. Georgie boy sold a ton, but would you believe that Thriller even today still sells more albums per year than George did in 1985?

3 – The popular 80’s music group “The Go Go’s” all posed nude for an issue of Playboy together. True or False?

Answer: False only Belinda Carlise did, and yes I only bought it for the articles!

4 – What popular toys sales slogan was “Interesting playthings typifying the spirit of America?” Need a hint? I’ll bet they were honest.

Answer: Lincoln Logs, which were named after Abraham Lincoln, whose nickname was Honest Abe.

5 – He-Man had a catch phrase he used to yell at the end of his transformation. Was it:

I Am He-Man, and You Are Not!
Paul Is Dead! Long live Paul!
I Have The Power!
Better Hide Your Kids and Hide Your Wife!

Answer: C. Obviously. Nuff said.

6 – What 80s actor was valedictorian of their high school class and later turned down the lead in “American Beauty” (1999)?

Answer: That would be Clark Griswald himself, Chevy Chase. Time for old Chevy to do some more Vacation Movies as Grandpa Griswald in my opinion.

7 – What was ALF’s girlfriend from Melmac’s name?

Answer: Rhonda. For extra credit how many times did she appear on the show? Answer: Zero, because Alf mistakenly ate her.

8 – On Three’s Company, what was the name of Jack’s restaurant that he opened and was head chef of on the show?

Answer: Jack’s Bistro

9 – What was Roscoe P Coletrain’s dogs name on the Dukes of Hazzard?

Answer: Flash, which was ironic because the dog hardly could move.

10 – Did I make this up or could it be true? In the 80’s TV show that Lee Majors starred in called “The Fall Guy” I know I saw the Bionic Man make an appearance. Am I lying?

Answer: Yep total lie, but it would have been majorly cool, admit it!