Seasons Greetings from Trick R Treat

I rewatched Trick ‘R Treat today, mostly because Sean Hartter and VicSage had posted about it. I liked it a little better this time, though I still am disappointed with some of the flaws (none of the characters are likeable! If you want me to root for them, not against them, you have to make them likeable!). I liked even better the little short I found in the Special Features section. I don’t know how I missed this last year, but it is really awesome, all the more so because it is completely un-computer animated. This is all old school animation, very beautiful old school animation. There’s also some blood in it is well. The blood on Sam’s face at the end is real blood from director Michael Dougherty. Enjoy!

Trick ‘r Treat – Making Friends (2011)

I firmly believe that Michael Dougherty created what will be remembered as one of the absolute classics of anthology films in his creepy but loving tribute to the season of Halloween with Trick ‘r Treat. If you’ve not had the pleasure of watching the film for yourself, make sure to do so at your earliest convenience. When I watch it I can swear that I smell Autumn leaves and candy corn in the air!

Speaking of candy corn, this little short entitled “Making Friends” was done by Michael Dougherty to promote the upcoming 24 hour marathon showing of Trick ‘r Treat on FearNET, Oct. 31st!

The short is a moving story about a boy who finds himself lonely on Halloween and decides to rectify that situation by visiting his local cemetery and with a little bit of help from Trick ‘r Treat’s mascot, Sam.

A big thanks to IMP Awards for the awesome poster up top and to FearNET for sharing the “Making Friends” short over on YouTube!

It’s Almost That Time Of The Year…

Thanks to Badass Digest for the heads up on this rather moving commercial reminding us that, yes, these last few weeks have seen kids going back to school…but that we’re coming up on that very special time of year.

Remember that here at the Retroist on October 1st we go straight into Halloween mode 24/7…prepare yourself. You might also make a mental note that one doesn’t laugh at those of us who keep the Halloween Spirit year-round or at Sam…ever.