I see dead Weebles!

Back in the early 1970s, the Weebles toy line (“Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!”) had a variety of playsets for those cute little egg-shaped people to populate. From a passenger airplane to a camper van, from a boat marina to a treehouse, the Weeble world was wonderful.

Except for that one playset on the outskirt of Weebleville. The one whispered about down at the Weeble playground. The playset where few Weebles dared to wobble.

It is…the Weebles Haunted House!

[source: youtube user: spuzzlightyeartoo]

It looks like an awesome place to be!

I was a small child in the early Seventies but I do not recall having had any Weebles sets. However, today I would think I would’ve enjoyed having this Haunted House back then. The glow-in-the-dark Weeble Ghost is the main selling point for me but the idea of a toy encouraging me to go play in the dark would have been a deal killer. As a little kid, I was scared of the dark. Perhaps I would have braved this fear for the sake of playing with the  Weebles Haunted House.

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Ghost Weeble Bop Bag

Mattel Hot Look Sunglasses

Few things were as cool and essential in the 80s as sunglasses, and few sunglasses were as cool and essential as the Hot Look line of sunglasses by Mattel. Hot Looks sunglasses had “radical” lenses and arms that could be interchanged with other, equally “radical” lenses and arms. How radical were they? Check out these pics.




Want your right eye to be a bag of popcorn and your left eye to be a scene marker? You got it! Want lightning bolts on your temples? You got it! Want a whole different pair of “shades” tomorrow? You got it with Hot Look. By Mattel!

P.S. Hot Look was also known as Cool Shades. Apparently they were so radical that neither “hot” nor “cool” was comprehensive enough to describe them on their own.


The Pastel Robot

At first, this little guy confused me. Who paints a deadly robot pink, purple and blue and then attaches laser guns to his chest? But the more I thought about, the more I began to appreciate the genius of its design. Who wouldn’t trust this pile of parts painted in pleasing pastels? And just as he gains your trust, it’s lights out in laser city.

In other news, I guess I am now officially collecting toy robots.

Knight 2000 Turbo Boost Launcher

Sometimes you don’t even have to ask. I never asked for Kenner’s Knight 2000 Turbo Boost Launcher. Grandma just gave it to me for Christmas. But I loved it just the same.
The Turbo Boost Launcher imitates KITT’s turbo power, which was demonstrated on just about every episode of Knight Rider. It was fairly simple to operate. You put the Matchbox-like KITT car in the launcher then pushed it forward as hard as you could go. KITT would come screaming out of it and careen across the room. There wasn’t much else to it, but isn’t that enough?
images (1)
It’s going to be hard to find this one. There aren’t many active ebay auctions for it, and I could only find these few pictures. But I had it at one point in time, and it was almost as great as the show.