THE LION KING RISES: Dark Knight Rises Trailer Parody

Can you hear that? That’s the vibrations I’m making as I try to contain my excitement sitting here at my desk, failing to quietly count the days until Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is unleashed on the silver screen this Summer.

The almost unbearable wait is helped when you have wonderfully crafted Parody trailers like this one by Movie Maestro Ten, who has mashed up the 1994 Walt Disney Lion King theatrical trailer with the audio from the Dark Knight Rises. Give it a look, it’ll make you smile.

[Via] Topless Robot

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers…Toys?

Thanks to Saturday World’s fantastic post about the Galaxy Rangers yesterday, it brought up one of my sore points about the series from my youth. Why was there no toys?

Well…there were, just not in the States.

Thanks to our friends over at Topless Robot we now have that proof. Galoob toys had produced a line of toys for the Galaxy Rangers but when the cartoon series didn’t do as well (Which is a crime!) as they had hoped the line was released only in Europe.