Black Lace sing Superman

Black Lace Superman

I don’t know how popular Black Lace are in your part of the world but here in Britain there are certain events where you cannot escape them. Wedding parties, children’s parties, school disco’s and karaoke bars are all prone to playing the music of a band that specialised in kitsch, catchy pop music.

In 1983, whilst at the height of their careers, they released ‘Superman’ which had very little to do with the Man of Steel and a lot to do with waving your body around like a mad partying charades fool. It’s this song more than any other that I continue to be subjected to thanks to having two children who frequent the kind of parties that still think this music is cool.

Here they are playing the hit on the BBC’s Top of the Pops:

And now the unfortunate disclaimer. Despite my best efforts, I still enjoy this song, and I might on occasion be found on the dance floor busting moves. This is especially true when holidaying in countries that host mini-disco’s for the youngsters (and their dads).