If I Only Knew…Why This Tom Jones Song Is So Catchy!

Yes, we’re talking about Tom Jones.

*Readies the panty launcher*

Guess who’s back from a week-long vacation that included a break from writing?

Guess who hates taking writing vacations?

Methinks my next staycation should involve writing.


Those Weird Songs In My Playlist

A few weeks ago, I talked about the music video for Grateful Dead’s Touch of Grey and how it got the Pop-Up Video treatment.

Pop-Up Video, much like my music playlist, was an eclectic playground for music to roam free. Everything mingled and got the bubble o’facts treatment, and exposed me to music I otherwise wouldn’t have listened to. That, my friends, includes another artist who made a music video for the MTV crowd.

That artist, my friends, is Tom Jones. And the song was “If I Only Knew.”

New Record Label Amid Resurgence

Tom Jones signed with Interscope Records in 1993, and by 1994 released the album The Lead and How to Swing It. This occurrence came on the heels of Jones successfully covering Prince’s “Kiss,” which earned him airtime on both MTV and VH1. With things heading in a positive direction, the time came for another potential MTV crowd-style video.

The video for “If I Only Knew” involves a MTV crowd-type who favors watching Tom Jones sing this song, rather than walk his dog.

My eyes are equally wide over that hat!!!

So, he uses MacGyver-esque ingenuity to walk the dog – a tethered leash on a zipline. Apparently, he has done this before, because the zipline goes through town. And so this dog (and all the other dogs tethered up to this “Lazee-Walker” device) move about the town.

Because their owners are watching Tom Jones’ career resurge.

That’s how MTV is supposed to work, right?

The Song and The Video…Don’t Exactly Match

Of course, I’m not sure how this relates to Tom Jones singing about what he should have known so his love would stay with him, but the video is actually quite funny. And apparently, the dogs are quite attracted to Tom Jones.

And can you blame them?

He does this (among other things)…

Tom’s tickets for the gun show are armed and incredibly dangerous to stare at. No wonder women threw their panties at him in the day – he flashed his jacked arms for them. Women are putty over things like this!

And yet, I (and the dogs in the video) cannot stop watching!

And you’ll probably not be able to stop staring…when you click play!

Uploaded by Tom Jones VEVO

If Tom Jones Only Knew…

Who knew that this song would be successful?

“If I Only Knew” peaked at #11 in the United Kingdom…and #4 on Billboard’s Dance Club Chart in the United States. Of course, the video got airtime AND the Pop-Up Video treatment….which unfortunately is not on You Tube.

In 2011, Tom explained the song to the Mail on Sunday (source – Songfacts.com):

“I did a charity performance with Sting for his Rainforest Foundation in Carnegie Hall. The night was very successful and everybody thought it went well. Jimmy Iovine, a music producer and label boss, called. He had apparently heard about my performance and soon I was signed to Interscope Records.Jimmy knew about ‘If I Only Knew,’ which was by a new group called Rise Robots Rise – they were obscure then, and I think they still are. Nice bunch of fellas, though. They were a white rap group, but it was the big brass riff in there that Jimmy loved and we wanted to make more of a song of it.Trevor Horn was producing it but he knew we needed a melody. He offered to get Lol Creme (from 10cc) to write it but I said that I could do it – and that melody just shot out of my head. I should have had a writing credit but I didn’t because this group were struggling, and I didn’t have the heart to say that I wanted part of the royalties.”

That’s um…incredibly modest of you.

And Rise Robots Rise? This is their version of the song.

Uploaded by KR Moody

And as we drive off into the sunset in our living room on wheels, freshly-walked dog back from his adventure on the Lazee-Walker, with images of Tom Jones trying to seduce us with his giant arms, while wearing our choice hat, we bring my first post-vacation article to a close.

If I only knew why the Pop-Up Video treatment isn’t on You Tube…and why Tom Jones is trying so hard to seduce me…

Enjoy This 1969 Rockin’ Medley With Tom Jones And Jerry Lee Lewis

By now you’ve probably realized that it is in fact Monday. There is nothing we can do about it, no matter how much we might gnash our teeth and shake our fists at the Heavens. So to help you manage to find the energy to get through the day why not enjoy a bit of 1969 comedy and rousing music from this March 28, 1969 episode of This Is Tom Jones – featuring Jerry Lee Lewis? The duo cover Great Balls Of Fire, Down The Line, Long Tall Sally, and Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On!

[Via] MrBLadislav
This is Tom Jones was a comedy/musical variety show that began airing on ABC from 1969 until 1971. Each show featured a wide range of celebrities, for example on the very first episode – Tom had Peter Sellers, Joey Heatherton, Richard Pryor, Mary Hopkin, and The Moody Blues on the show. For the March 28 episode besides Jerry Lee Lewis, guests included Chet Atkins, Barbara Eden, Rich Little, and Salena Jones.