Colorforms: “Video Rub n’ Play” Ad (1982)

A huge thanks to tOkKa over at the Retroist Image Pool for sharing this incredible ad for the Colorforms line of Run N’Play Transfers! tOkKa says that he used the Pac-Man transfers on his mother’s woodwork…and she wasn’t very happy about it. In tOkKa’s defense they do state you can “Rub ’em EVERYWHERE!”.

I know I at least had the Zaxxon and Robotron 2084 transfers back in my youth.

Childhood Pac-Man Notebook Scribblings

tOkKa posted a scan of his childhood notebook, complete with some awesome child scribblings of Pac-Man. He was not a DaVinci, but these drawings really take me back to my youth. My notebook was covered with images of poorly drawn Disney characters and Marvel super heroes. I will need to scan them someday.

pac-man notebook drawings

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