What Action Figures would you like from the 1985 Sears Wishbook?

It is time to start making your Christmas list. If you are having trouble, maybe these images of Action Figures from the 1985 Sears Wishbook will help you decide. Its not all Action Figures, I am including some robots as well, just because I love robots and they are kind like Action Figures. Both Omnibot and Robotix are in this catalog, but sadly no Tobor.

If Action Figures are not your thing, their will be plenty more choices leading right up to Christmas, enjoy.

1985 was really the swansong for Star Wars figures. Check out the last page and see the reduced prices. That Imperial Shuttle is hot.


Tobor Is Not Just Robot Spelled Backwards

Tobor IS the telesonic robot that responds to the loudest remote control known to kid-dom. What can he do? You name it. He spins. He turns. If you get him lined up just right he might even pick something up for you. I can guarantee you one thing about Tobor. He will frustrate the heck out of you. Why? Because this sleek-looking toy robot is fragile. A delicate mechanical angel thrust into a hard an uncaring world. His only wish, to do you bidding. As long as your bidding involves moving a little bit and picking up his suitcase.

But, not only will not pick up the suitcase, he will also constantly crash into the refrigerator. Do that more than once and one of his hand type things breaks off.

Keep playing with him and the remote draws the dogs into the kitchen. They get freaked out by Tobor and pounce on him. In less than a day, he has lost one arm. And can you guess which arm he has left? The one that doesn’t pick up the robot suitcase, because you lost his working hand thingy. Oh Tobor, you beautiful robot bastard, you broke my heart!

I still see him in my dreams, and of course on the well-worn pages of my JC Penny’s Christmas Catalog.

Watch this classic commercial for Tobor the Robot