Power On With This Captain Power: Phoenix Rising Teaser Trailer!

About five years back, around the time of the complete Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future was released on DVD, there began whispers of the property making a comeback. It turns out the time is nigh for the rebooting of the Captain Power series entitled Phoenix Rising – in fact original series co-creator and producer Gary Goddard (1987’s Masters of the Universe) is at the San Diego Comic-Con letting fans get their first taste, a teaser of what we can expect.

But before we do that, take just a few minutes to watch this original TV ad for the fondly remembered series…

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….now after watching that television commercial you just might notice they adopted a similar style but for the new series Tim Dunigan who originally played Captain Jonathan Power will instead this time play the role of Dr. Stuart Gordon Power – the Father of Jonathan Power and creator of the Power Suits.


The pilot episode has been written by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (Primeval: New World) and Todd Masters of MastersFX will provide the special effects for the series. The show will present a world dealing with the war against the Overmind that took place 15 years previously when Jonathan Power discovers the Power Suits his Father had a hand in creating…giving humanity a chance to fight back against the bionic armies of the New Order.

I want to give a huge thanks to fellow Retroist writer Daniel XIII for giving me the heads up on the teaser and to Deadline Hollywood for the scoop on the the story line for the upcoming series. Now…I just need to see how this new series is even going to try and top how AWESOME Blastarr was!

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Cast and Crew of Captain Power reunite at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA December 9th! – Updated!

Originally published on 12/03

Update: 12/06
We just received this press release:
“Send your questions for the Captain Power creators appearing at Dark Delicacies this Friday by e-mailing: questions@captainpowerreturns.net

Only one question per fan. A limited amount of questions will be selected. If your question is answered you’ll be eligible to win Captain Power comics, DVDs and limited edition T-shirts. Questions must be received by midnight PST Tuesday December 6. Good luck!

If you happen to live near Burbank, CA and have a free evening I hope you will attend this Q & A and Signing with the cast and crew of the awesome Captain Powers and the Soldiers of the Future TV series!

“Scheduled to attend:
Tim Dunigan (“Captain Jonathan Power”), Jessica Steen (“Jennifer Chase”), J. Michael Straczynski (Head Writer, “Captain Power”) Larry DiTillio (Writer, “Captain Power”), Marc Zicree (Writer/Developer, “Captain Power”), Robert DeLapp (Special Effects, “Captain Power”), Gary Guttman (Composer, “Captain Power”), Ted King (Sound Design Producer, “Captain Power” Roger Lay, Jr. (DVD Producer, “Captain Power” & “Skeleton Warriors”), Julia Lewald (Head Writer / Story Editor, “Skeleton Warriors”), Eric Lewald (Writer, “Skeleton Warriors”), Luc Mayrand (Production Designer “Skeleton Warriors” / Concept Artist and Power Suits Technician, “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future”), and Dean Stefan (Writer, “Skeleton Warriors”).

Plus Surprise Guests!”

If you attend I hope you will take plenty of photos for those of us unable to make it! Remember that next Tuesday, December 6th, is when the complete Captain Power as well as the Skeleton Warriors DVD sets will hit the store shelves. I’ll have a review of the Captain Powers DVD set on Monday.

The A-Team

Remembering The A-Team (1983-1986)

Okay, if you are anything like me as soon as you read the post title you started humming the The A-Team theme. This is an entry that almost everyone who visits this site will know everything about, but just in case you are not familiar with the premise of the series I’ve included the opening below.

The Intro to The A-Team

I ask you, is that not just one of the best openings for a television show? Now how about some things you might not have known about the characters and controversy of the series.

While my favorite character has always been Templeton “Face” Peck, the actor originally hired to portray him was not Dirk Benedict, it was Tim Dunigan that got that part before being replaced after the pilot episode. Tim Dunigan would a few years later go on to don the power armor of Captain Jonathan Power in the syndicated Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future television series.

In the fourth season of the series we learn from his mother what B.A. Baracus’s initials stand for, Bosco Albert Baracus. Though in the rest of the series we are told it stands for “Bad Attitude”. Also in that season four episode we learn that his nickname used to be Scooter.

As for the crime the team was accused of we learn that, Colonel Morrison, their commanding officer tasks them with robbing the Bank of Hanoi to quickly put an end to the Vietnam war. They pull the mission off but when they return to base they learn the Viet Cong has murdered the Colonel, destroying his headquarters by fire in the process, thereby destroying any document of proof that the A-Team was acting under orders.

Up for the part of John “Hannibal” Smith originally was James Coburn (The Magnificent Seven, The Aquanauts, Our Man Flint, among many others). It’s interesting to not that George Peppard was originally considered for the role of Steve McQueen’s character of Vin in the Magnificent Seven.

As to that controversy I mentioned above, the level of violence was always a focal point for outrage, but what about the cry of sexism? I give thanks to Wikipedia for the below text:

“Marla Heasley’s experiences on-set
Marla Heasley portraying Tawnia Baker in the episode “Say It With Bullets” (Season 2).

As Marla Heasley recounts in Bring Back… The A-Team (May 18, 2006), although sexism was not prevalent on the set per se, there was a sense that a girl was not necessary on the show, and she was even approached by George Peppard about it:
β€œHe was really serious. He said: “When you’re finished with your make-up, I would like to talk to you. Please come to my trailer.” I said: “Okay.” So I went to his trailer and he said, “Have a seat,” I said, “Okay,” and then he said: “I just want you to know that we don’t want you on the show,” he said “We don’t want you on the show. None of the guys want you here. The only reason you’re here is because the network and the producers want you. For some reason they think they need a girl.”

The interview continues with Marla Heasley noting that on her last day of work Peppard took her aside again, saying:
β€œI’m sorry that this is your last day, but remember what I said the very first day, that we didn’t want a girl, has nothing to do with you. You were very professional, but no reason to have a girl. ”

In an interview with the Sunday Mail (AUS), George Peppard, portraying Hannibal Smith on the show, admitted that he thought that “whenever the studio slips an actress on to the team, she becomes a distraction. She always slows down the action. She’s someone who’s only there for the glamor shots. Everything stops for the sexy smiles – and I can’t see why that’s necessary on The A-Team.”