Tiffany and Debbie Gibson

Electric Youth!

Over the weekend while out clubbing, I ran into two of my favorite retro chicks — 1980s pop singers Tiffany and Debbie Gibson!

Tiffany and Debbie Gibson

Tiffany and Debbie Gibson

(Of course by “out clubbing”, I actually meant “sitting at home, surfing TMZ.”)

Earlier this summer, the two pop queens from the 1980s launched their own “Journey Through the ’80s” Tour. This photograph was shot after their performance in Cleveland last week. The tour’s about to wrap up, but for those who weren’t able to catch the two live this summer can always pick up a copy of the SyFy horror film “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid”, in which the two retro divas appear … and mud wrestle. Mega Python vs. Gatoroid is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Netflix.


Debbie Gibson and Tiffany Singing “Don’t Stop Believin” Together

I am not sure these mall pop legends did their homework before singing the Journey classic, “Don’t Stop Believin”. Still it is really nice to see them together and I hope they make many more SyFy movies together, so that their promotion train never derails. Thanks to Travel Blogger, Janet for sending this over to the site.