Instagram Retro-izes Your Photos

Enjoy taking snapshots with your iPhone, but unhappy that the results are often a bit too perfect?  Instagram is a free app that can help with that.  It allows you to shoot a photo and then select a format that suits your retro tastes.  Doesn’t this Kenner Tie Fighter look better with the proper era photography?  And, if you’re an Android user – don’t despair.  Instagram will be released for that platform in the near future.  Hipstamatic is another great app that offers even more options  – but will cost you a whopping $1.99

Instagram Tie Fighter


Original Tie Fighter Photo

Original Tie Fighter Photo

Halloween Safety PSA From The Norfolk Public Schools!

What if I were to tell you that a PSA concerning Halloween existed that not only had tie-fighters in the opening credits but was introduced by a Wizard, had Visitors from the Stars observing kids to make sure they were being safe while Trick or Treating and also had a kid dressed up as Michael Jackson doing the Moon Walk way too much? Would you agree it was the greatest PSA ever created?

A huge thanks to the Badass Digest site for uploading this “awesome” video from the Norfolk Pulic School system from back in the 1980’s.