Check Out The Art & Hue Pop-Art Roundup

Pop. Art. Those two words by themselves are awesome, but put them together and you have yourself something altogether more stylish, you have pop-art that is epitomised by the work of Art & Hue.

I’ve posted a couple of times previously about the fantastic work from this British designer. His work on The Avengers and the Carry On series both tickled my art-fancy and, would you believe it, he just keeps creating more amazing designs!

So, to close out 2016, and perhaps give you some ideas for last minute festive pop-art gifts, here are just a few of the Art & Hue collections that we haven’t already featured.

Art & Hue Presents Thunderbirds

Hold the phone, it’s Joan Collins

It’s the Absolutely Fabulous Joanna Lumley

And remember, this is just a small selection. If you’re interested in the classic School for Scoundrels, Hammer Horror or screen icon Audrey Hepburn, then Art & Hue could have something for you.

You can even find a little Elvis in the shop. Happy Holidays!

Gerry Anderson Rips a Hole in Time and Space In The Name of Pop Music!


Hey creeps, remember that time that Gerry Anderson manifested one of his amazing marionettes as a real life girl, and then had her sing pop ditties about one of his other shows that actually took place after the show said character was from? Well, even if you don’t here’s Kate Kestrel (from Terrahawks, which was set in 2020) singing S.O.S., which seems to directly reference Thunderbirds (which took place in 2065)!

p.s. Why is that “S.O.S.” overlay covering the entire video marking it like a digital Hester Prynne?

japanese thunderbirds

Japanese Thunderbird Board Games Sets

I do not speak or read Japanese, but the gameboard posted at Hakes for these Japanese Thunderbird Board Games Sets look easy enough to figure out. Really thought, I doubt I would play them much, because I like the cover art so much (even with its minor damage), I would need to frame the entire set and hang it on my wall.

japanese thunderbirds

According to Hake’s

11×17.5×1.5″ deep box. 1960s. Koide Shinkosha. Box has water staining and lt. soiling on bottom. Box top has one corner split, side panels are faded with moisture staining, however top graphics are bright and colorful. VG. Contains three game boards. One in box bottom is on a pivoting base with a red plastic handle and features space images. The second board is double sided. The first is generic with a road course. The second features the Thunderbirds characters: Thunderbird’s ships 1-5, with their Tracy pilots and Miss Penelope and Parker in Fab 1. Boards have lt. aging. Exc. Comes with playing pieces sealed in original bags. Generic cones, large and small disc markers, small cars and a white UFO with a ball bearing in the base so that it rolls on pivoting board. NM. Very unusual board games set exclusive to the Japanese market. Scarce.

Japanese Thunderbird Board Games Sets [via] Hake’s