How to do the Thriller Dance


I spent lots and lots of time as a kid in my bedroom practicing my sweet dance moves. From “the centipede” to “the wave,” I knew them all. I even thought I could moonwalk, even though I was pretty bad at it and I was in reality just dragging my feet while shuffling across the carpet backwards.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller was a huge event when it was released and before long my friends and I found ourselves imitating some of Michael’s awesome zombie moves. I never got the entire dance down, but now thanks to a couple of videos by Dancin’ Dave on Youtube, I now know what I will be doing this weekend. Anyone lucky enough to trick or treat my house this year will get more than a handful of candy. They’re going to get an entire song and dance number.

5-6-7-8, hit it!

zombie heman

Michael Jackson Thriller Figures

For Friday the 13th I thought I would share these unlicensed action figures that were based on characters from Michael Jackson’s 1983 Thriller video.

(Funk of 40,000 years not included.)

According to The Gallery of Monster Toys, the figures were released by Powco in 1984 and “featured rooted hair, jointed necks, cloth costumes, and glowed in the dark.”

A total of six figures were released: Midnite Mike, Karen Corpse, Freddie Funk, Digger Doug, Cool Ghoul, and Howard the Howling Hound.

As a fan of Halloween, “scary” collectibles, and unlicensed toys, I would love to eventually track down a set of these figures. So far, no such luck.

If you’re looking for a licensed Michael Jackson Thriller action figure, Sideshow Collectibles made a 12″ one. It came with 2 heads (regular and zombie), 2 costumes (regular and zombie), five pairs of hands, two pairs of shoes, and is currently available for $249 on Amazon.


I wanted to watch Medicine Man. I don’t know why. I just did. As I started it, I noticed that it was a John McTeirnan film. That led me to looking up John McTeirnan (whom I knew did Predator), and that in turn led me to Nomads.

Nomads looked familiar. I thought I had seen it on USA Saturday Nightmares, or at least seen a Saturday Nightmares promo for it. I’m not sure now if that’s the case; it isn’t listed on the Wikipedia Saturday Nightmares site. But it certainly seemed liked it belonged to that era. Interested, I looked it up on Netflix, was happy to find it on Instant Watch, and put it in my queue.

Nomads has a low Rotten Tomatoes rating, but I can’t see why. I thought it was excellent. It is a thriller more than a slasher, but it gets thrilling pretty fast and stays that way all the way through. It is a lot like Serpent and the Rainbow. Weird things just happen. My favorite is when Brosnan throws a man off a building and the man laughs as he falls.

I won’t tell you much about the plot. It is cool enough that I think you need to discover it on your own. But I will say it was a good idea presented in a great way. You could do worse on a Friday night.