Where's Barb

Have You Ordered Your Copy Of Stranger Things “Where’s Barb”?

Most fans of Netflix’s Stranger Things would naturally agree that Millie Bobby Brown was the breakout star. Her performance as Eleven certainly blew us fans away and that is fact. In addition however I will claim that Shannon Purser’s role of Barb is Stranger Things most memorable character.
Where's Barb

I would say that in addition to a great character, it was Purser’s bittersweet performance, that has garnered such fans. So much so that I am quite excited to announce that those geniuses at ThinkGeek have released a new book. Patterned after the global phenomenon of Where’s Waldo line of object-finding puzzle books. Where’s Barb? gives us a Stranger Thing’s twist!

Where's Barb

Where’s Barb? images courtesy of ThinkGeek.

Here is what ThinkGeek has to say about Where’s Barb?:
“The 1980s hold a lot of great childhood memories for us. It was a time when phones were still tethered to our wood-paneled walls. A time of Choose Your Own Adventure books. Of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Of Cabbage Patch Kids and Trivial Pursuit. And in the late 80s, we were introduced to a phenomenon known as “Where’s Waldo?”

It seems only right that a series which so effectively evoked the atmosphere of the 80s, Netflix’s Stranger Things, would team up with the creators of Where’s Waldo to produce this crossover, Where’s Barb? Search the little town of Hawkins for Barbara Holland. Maybe she’s studying with Nancy. Wait. Why’s her car a couple of blocks from Steve’s house? The police are pretty sure she just ran away. But is that her Trapper Keeper peeking out from under that bush? We promise searching for Barb will be hours of fun for the whole family!

I direct you to any of the ThinkGeek links if you too feel like ordering a copy of Where’s Barb?

Of course you crafty folks already know this is but an April Fool’s Day joke. However, this is ThinkGeek, so you can in fact hop on over and vote for it to become a real product. Not only that but also you might want to check out the Bicycle Horn of Gondor first…of course you can vote for both! In other words, share this with your friends so we can get Where’s Barb? actually made!

ThinkGeek’s Batman Ice Cube Tray!

Three things about this post:

1) I desperately need to order this from ThinkGeek as a little Christmas present for myself.
2) I cannot order it as ThinkGeek has sold out of them.
3) I came so very close to typing that you would be the coolest person on the planet with ThinkGeek’s Batman Ice Cube Tray.

I don’t think that even in the awesome Silver Age of DC Comics that Batman had an ice cube tray…I wouldn’t be willing to bet my life on that statement though.

Sega Dreamcast Consoles Being Sold at ThinkGeek

sega dreamcast

ThinkGeek, the online geek superstore, is now carrying the venerable Dreamcast system. Why would an online retailer carry a “failed” console 10 years after it hit the shelves? Maybe because it should not have failed and their is a substantial online community that feels that way. Even at a decade old, the Dreamcast will give you a huge bang for your entertainment buck with its easy access to quality commercial and homebrewed games at affordable prices (often free). Want more information?

Start by checking out Dreamcast Scene for more info about what you can do with that Dreamcast that is collecting dust in your closet or if you are DC-less, drop by ThinkGeek and maybe pick one up.

Dreamcast at ThinkGeek