A Quick Look at a Quik Thermos

I have fond memories of the Quik Bunny, which is odd as I think I was only exposed to him through television commercials. But boy did that bunny like chocolate Quik, and so did I. The Quik Bunny has gone through a few changes over the years. Originally he was white with a letter Q around his neck; later, when the product’s name was changed to Nesquik, the Q was changed to an N, and at some point along the way the bunny changed from “vanilla” to “chocolate”. The brown version is the only one I remember seeing.

I have found that Thermos collecting goes hand in hand with collecting lunchboxes. I don’t have too many orphan Thermoses, but when I run across one with great artwork I can’t pass up, I scoop it up. This one was priced at $2.99, but due to a strange discount system that I still haven’t completely figured out it rang up at 75 cents. I’m not great at math, but if I did the numbers right it looks like I have some money left over for another box of powdered Nesquik!

One of my favorite things about this Thermos is all the activities it depicts the Quik Bunny enjoying! I can imagine guys sipping chocolate milk from this Thermos and looking at the artwork, dreaming about skateboarding with the Quik Bunny. I’ve been drinking chocolate milk my whole life waiting for the Quik Bunny to show up and join me on a bicycle ride!

Super Mario Bros. Thermos

Continuing my “Thermos Theme” from Monday, here’s another one from my own personal collection. It’sa Mario! What I like so much about this Thermos is that whoever designed and approved the artwork for this Thermos was obviously familiar with the video game. (When I look at my Pac-Man Thermos I wonder, “Why does Pac-Man have arms and legs?”)


In this first shot you can see Mario looking down at a Piranha Plant — and, below that, Bullet Bill.


Here, Mario is entering Water World and you can see a Cheep-Cheep in the background along with a Blooper (squid).


In the third panel you can see Mario reaching for a star (Starman), while Lakitu (the guy who rides around on the cloud) hovers overhead.


In the last picture you can see Mario struggling to reach Princess Toadstool (before she changed her name) as a cross-eyed Koopa Troopa lurks below.

Two final things I’d like to add. One is, I actually own two of these Thermoses. They have so many great pictures that I keep one rotated 180 degrees from the other and few people realize they are the same print. And, two, I (heavily) accessed the Wikipedia entry for Recurring Enemies in the Mario Series to write this entry. Lakitu? Seriously? Who knew that?

Pac-Man Thermos

Back in August I posted a few pictures of my Last Starfighter Thermos, so while packing things up around the house I decided to snap some pictures of my other thermoses as well. Pictured here is my Pac-Man thermos. I have the accompanying lunch box as well, and I display them side by side.


Here you can see Pac-Man running with a bonus strawberry tucked underneath his arm.

The ghosts obviously know what’s coming and are running away!


Too late! On the back side of the thermos you can see that Pac-Man finally caught up with the ghosts.