Mr Belvedere Theme Song

Mr. Belvedere Theme Song Montage


You thought I got this whole Mr. Belvedere business out of my system the other day huh? Well you were wrong. I have not yet begun to celebrate this awesome show. After spending last night watching dozens of people sing the theme song, I decided to put together a montage of my favorite versions all strung together. My only regret is that I could not capture more versions.

See what you have done to me Wilson!

Mr Belvedere Theme Song

The Mr Belvedere Theme Song in its Many Wondrous Forms

Last night I went off on a little bit of a Mr. Belvedere kick. I watched a few episodes, and could not top singing the Mr Belvedere Theme Song. After struggling with that earworm for an hour I decided to go online and listen to cover and other people’s interpretations of the theme song on YouTube.

It is amazing just how many people love Mr. Belevedere. Perhaps not surprising is how much of that fandom manifests in appreciation of the theme song. The song, According to Our New Arrivals is a catchy song, sung by the very talented Leon Redbone.

Some of these home version are good. Some not so good. But all of them, in their commitment to fandom of this show, are awesome in their own way. I listened to a lot of version of the Mr Belvedere Theme Song to compile this list. I hope you enjoy.

Warning: Do not play all of these videos at them same time. To do so is to glimpse the edge of forever and may result in Lovecraft style madness.

The Original Mr Belvedere Theme Song


Acappella 2

Acappella 3

Family Guy

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Duo

Acoustic Bar Performance

Full Rock Band


Alone in the Bedroom Singalong

Lip Synch in the bathroom

Puppet Lip Synch