The Catman Of Paris Theatrical Poster (1946)

Thanks to Monster Crazy for that awesome poster you see up above. The Catman of Paris was released in 1946 by Republic Pictures and directed by Lesley Selander (Lassie, The Tall Man). It starred Carl Esmond (Sergeant York) and Lenore Aubert (Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein). That is pretty much the only information I have been able to uncover…it sadly looks to be unavailable on DVD on Amazon.Com but you can pick up some art prints from the film there.

Have any of you been lucky enough to see this film?

The Monster And The Ape Theatrical Poster (1945)

This fantastic poster featuring primate and robotic combat comes to us from the awesome Monster Crazy tumblr. I’m not sure what is more neat. The fact that the poster makes it appear the Ape is protecting the woman or that in the bottom right corner we see that the two combatants work out their differences and shake hands in friendship.

I bet they get some coffee and Cherry pie after they shake hands.

Thanks to the MVD Entertainment Group YouTube channel we can watch this Columbia Super-Serial in it’s entirety!

Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid Theatrical Trailer (1982)

When I saw Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid at the Drive-In in my youth I didn’t realize at the time just how many classic Noir films were used as clips in the film, now I own most of those Noir movies in my DVD collection.
‘DMDWP’ was brought to you by the same people behind the Jerk and while it may be comparing apples to oranges I still think this movie is incredibly hilarious.

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Don’t believe me even with that awesome theatrical poster? Fine. How about the theatrical trailer then?

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