It was 26 Years Ago Today That Super Mario Bros. 3 Was Released!

Thanks to the December 15, 1989 release of The Wizard, we Nintendo obessed fans of the day were able to get our first glimpse at Super Mario Bros. 3 during the climatic showdown at the Video Armageddon!

The Wizard - Super Mario Bros. 3
The Wizard - Super Mario Bros 3

It wouldn’t be until February 12, 1990 though until the legion of Super Mario Bros. fans could amass at their nearest video game dealer to purchase Super Mario Bros. 3 for their very own.

[Via] S Vault

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the second highest selling title for the original Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario Bros. nabbing the first place spot and Super Mario Bros. 2 earning the bronze…leaving Tetris out in the cold in fourth place…where it belongs. *Cost me the video game championship of 1989, grumble, grumble.*

So why not dust off the NES when you get home today and celebrate 26 years of putting on the Tanooki Suit and freeing the Mushroom World from the Koopalings and Bowser!
SMB3 - Tanooki Suit
“Run, Mario, Run!”