The Retroist And William Castle Productions Giveaway Winners!

Halloween may be over but thanks to our friends at Green Galactic and William Castle Productions these lucky winners will get to hold onto that spirit just a little bit longer.

Our first prize, a DVD copy of the 1959 William Castle helmed classic, The Tingler goes to Dex! A mighty congrats to you, friend! You’ll soon be enjoying the movie where Vincent Price goes toe to toe with a deadly parasite that feeds on fear!

For our copies of From the Grave: The Prayer, give a round of applause to Christopher Tupa and Shawn Robare! For the FearMaker: Family Matters books we have SacredSpud and Dan Schoening as our winners! Everyone who entered though gets a little treat though from our kind friends that I’ve mentioned above.

I’ll be in touch soon with you winners and stay tuned as we still have our winner for the Night Terrors: Phase 7 DVD giveaway later tonight!

The Retroist and William Castle Productions Halloween Giveaway!

We are very pleased to announce that thanks to our friends over at Green Galactic and William Castle Productions we are getting to have one heck of a spooktactular giveaway!

That’s right, friends! Our main prize is a DVD copy of the fantastic William Castle helmed 1959 chiller, The Tingler, starring the legendary Vincent Price!

But that is not all we are giving away! We’ve also got four thrilling books of horror to giveaway to lucky visitors of the Retroist! One of the books was written by the ghost of William Castle, I challenge you to beat that for a Halloween treat!

From the Grave: The Prayer!


Family Matters by William Castle’s daughter, Terry Castle!

We’ve also got more than a handful of Halloween goodies to give out, stickers with William Castle’s famous silhouette! So by now you are asking yourself what type of action must you perform to earn your chance at receiving one of the fantastic prizes! Will we ask you to dig up some new friends for us at your local cemetery? Perhaps we will ask you to knock over a blood bank? Nay! All you need to do is let me know what your favorite Halloween Candy is in the comments section. That is it, friends, just that easy.

I’d like to thank Green Galactic and William Castle Productions for their generosity in this giveaway and to IMP Awards for the original Tingler poster at the top of this post.