I Saw Batman In The Launderette

Batman, in a launderette

Here’s a little English Punk Rock to brighten your day, brought to you by The Shapes in 1979. You’ll want to sing along to this one, and the lyrics are fantastic:

Had to clean my washing so I left my abode
So I went to the coin-op at the end of the road
Shoved my 10ps in the machine
So I could get my dirties nice and clean

Batman in the launderette
I saw Batman in the launderette
Batman in the launderette
Batman in the launderette

Holy soap!

Came through the door with a bag on his back
I saw him fill the hopper with a dirty mac
Was I dreaming? Was it a jape?
Here he was disguised as a crusader in a cape


I thought him and Robin only stamp out crime
Here was Batman getting rid of grime
Then he goes out to the Batmobile
Cor! In the coin-op you get a real square deal

I love that this obscure track is still being played by new groups today, and as far away as Japan, thanks to The Phantasms:

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