Zim Animation Teases 3D Intros To He-Man And More!

You might remember Zim Animation from the post I shared on Halloween two years ago. It was a 3D computer rendered version of the intro to the classic Real Ghostbusters cartoon. But that wasn’t the only bit of awesome retro inspired 3D work that Zim Animation has produced.

Why back in 2014 he in fact delivered the 3D intro to the 19802 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

It appears that Zim Animation though is more than willing to keep bringing us 3D versions of popular animated series. To prove this the Vancouver, Canada based animation team have put together this short teaser. With the idea in mind that they will eventually include short clips – mashed together with various classic characters. Like the Thundercats, Masters of the Universe, and Batman.
Zim Animation

One can hope that in addition we might see some of the Transformers included as well! Furthermore is it too far a stretch to believe that G.I. Joe might make up the roster of retro cartoons to make the cut?

Without further ado here is Zim Animation’s 3D Remake Mashup!

With what we could see in that teaser – I assume this new project will look like someone is flipping channels. If you want to help support Zim Animation in this new project, you can totally visit their Patreon Page. Moreover make sure to check out the awesome rewards for pledging your support to this endeavor. Reward such as first looks at the work in progress and communication with the animators as well!

Ghostbusters - Cereal

1989 New Ghostbusters Movie Mystery Sweepstakes

The Real Ghostbusters animated series was pretty special. Not just because it helped expand the Ghostbusters universe. But furthermore produced a myriad offering of toys, coloring books, and of course tasty food products. Like Ecto-Cooler and the official cereal.

I personally believe that the animated series helped to actually get Ghostbusters II made. The animated series ran from 1986 until 1991. While it originally started as a Saturday morning cartoon – it quickly became syndicated. Which in fact meant that every afternoon more and more children were itching to see more busting of ghosts!

The popularity of that vintage show – not to mention toy sales, must have helped the filmmakers decide to push ahead on a sequel. In particular in this case they probably saw the amount of money a sequel could make. I can remember how excited I was when I first saw that Ghostbusters II trailer.

[Via] Myx Movie

Ghostbusters II would have an impressive amount of tie-in products. You had Coca-Cola and Hardee’s. In addition to Ralston’s aforementioned Ghostbusters cereal. It was Ralston that came up with the idea of including a small 33 1/3 record in boxes.

It featured none other than Maurice Lamarche voicing his character from The Real Ghosbusters as Dr. Egon Spengler. In addition it also showcased Rob Paulson. The latter acted sort of as a host with Egon asking the listeners trivia questions about Ghostbusters II.

Bear in mind this was a sweepstakes however, so it meant some prizes were up for grabs. What were they? You could win a visit to the headquarters but in addition also meet a “Real” Ghostbuster!

[Via] Chris J

How would you like to listen to those Ghosbusters Movie Mystery Sweepstakes records?

There were two different sweepstakes records produced. One was white hued and the other had yellow-gold color. They had different questions on them but thanks to Vinnie Donadio we can listen to them right this minute.

The Real Ghostbusters Intro – 3D Remake

Just the other day I happened across Zim Animation’s computer rendered version of the 1986 The Real Ghostbusters animated intro. With it being Halloween today it seemed like a good time to share the video.

To be fair there are some things that I thought were neat but I will admit that I much prefer the original animated intro, Zim Animation has kindly provided a side by side comparison.

The real question might be if they are going to tackle the 1997 opening to Extreme Ghostbusters?

[Via] Ghostbusters.Net

The Real Ghostbusters Highway Haunter

Ghostbusters Haunted Highway

Browsing around Pinterest looking for old catalogue pages, I rediscovered an old Ghostbusters toy that I remember coveting as a child – the Real Ghostbusters ‘Highway Haunter’. This soft-top car converted into a Preying Mantis and came with a cool little engine ghost. I wanted it as a companion to my Ecto-1 but alas, it was not to be.

Preying Mantis

The two images here in this post are from The Redwood Connection website, where you’ll find lots more images too, all at a very high-resolution. You can also get a great view of the toy from the video review and commercial below:


Did anyone have this toy back in 1987? Was it as great as it looks?

The Real Ghostbusters by Christopher Tupa

Real Tupa

If you loved The Real Ghostbusters as much as I did (and still do!) then these paintings from Retroist favourite Christopher Tupa should be a welcome treat for you!

I’ve only discovered his work very recently but a quick look back at the Retroist archives shows fellow contributors have a long-standing affection for his work, and who can blame us with such sublime quality on display?

Ghostbusters Tupa

This is just a small sample of the full collection of paintings. There are 72 in total over at Christopher’s blog – if you’re not familiar with his work then you should definitely take a look!