Now You Can Dress As Skeletor Everyday Thanks To The Prop Store Auction!

I think it is more than fortuitous that my fellow Retroist writer, Allison Venezio, chose to write about the upcoming sequel to 1990’s Kindergarten Cop today. As just this morning I was having a conversation with Daniel XIII when he asked if I had heard about the Prop Store’s latest Online Auction for Hollywood memorabilia. Many of the items come from the personal collection of legendary Makeup Effects artist, Greg Cannom (Dreamscape, The Lost Boys, Watchmen), but when I followed the link it was the screen worn costume that Frank Langella donned during the shooting of 1987’s Masters of the Universe that made my eyes light up!

[Via] The Prop Store

Skeletor Costume - Masters of the Universe - Prop Store

All images courtesy of the Prop Store.

All images courtesy of the Prop Store.

Skeletor Costume - Masters of the Universe Sash - Prop Store

At the time of this writing this majestic ensemble was going for a measly $225, although I just checked before hitting the post button and it’s reached $1,100 now. So for a brief moment this morning I had wonderful thoughts of strolling through my place of work…

…everyday…adorned in the attire of Skeletor, the brief ruler of Eternia. That dream is dashed now beyond repair.


Maybe I can buy this Snakeman Head from Dreamscape instead and wear that to work!

Dreamscape - Snake Man Head - Prop Store

Now Is Your Chance To Own The Rocketeer’s Helmet!

Holy cow. If ever there as a time for me to be lucky enough to hit the lottery I think now would be a very opportune time as The Prop Store is holding an auction selling the likes of the “hero” helmet from 1991’s The Rocketeer.

That is just the tip of the iceberg however as also up for sale at the auction that will take place on September 23rd in Waterloo, London England are items from the Dark Crystal such as Fizzgig!

Images courtesy of the Prop Store.

Images courtesy of the Prop Store.

Hm. Maybe I can ask the Retroist for an advance in pay…for the next 75 years?