Forget The Oregon Trail…Gaze Upon The Majesty of ‘Super Amazing Wagon Adventure’!

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure
We might have fond memories of hanging out in the computer lab in Junior High playing the Oregon Trail…but those have been erased now that the trailer for the Super Amazing Wagon Adventure has arrived! We only thought we had reached the heights of comedy as we named the settlers after our friends and enemies…we knew nothing of slaughtering scorpions and being devoured by giant ants back then of course.

[Via] SparseVector

You can purchase a copy of the game yourself over on SparseVector site for your PC, it is also available on X-Box Live.

Classic Game Pumpkin Carvings By Ceemdee!

This is without a doubt one of my favorite things to look up during the month of October, pumpkins being carved to resemble screens or characters from classic video games like Ceemdee has done over on deviantART!

First up we have the Pumpkin sharing news that we all fear to read…

How about this pumpkin with the famed explorer Pitfall Harry?

I wish I had a tenth of the talent that is shown with these carvings! Make sure to hit the link provided up top to see more pumpkins on display on Ceemdee’s deviantART page.

The Oregon Trail Tombstone Generator

I am a big fan of the Oregon Trail, so my question is “Why did it take me so long to find this?”

I found it a few hours ago and I have created tombstones for everyone I know and I keep sending them to them. For those who do not know about the game, it can be a bit disturbing when they receive this in their mail or as a weird Imgur link via AIM. But it’s fun!

[via] The Oregon Trail Tombstone Generator

Oregon Trail: Los Angeles

In my neck of the woods I’m pretty sure that I really am living an adventure of the Oregon Trail with the amount of snow and ice we’ve received this week. However, some genius in Los Angeles posted the below picture…unfortunately for the person taking the picture they did indeed receive that horrible fate we’ve come to quote, “You have died of dysentery”. A big thanks to Pleated Jeans for the heads up on this!