Check Out Travis Falligant’s Epic Breakfast Club/NeverEnding Story Mash-Up!

It’s no big secret that we have quite a bit of fondness for the artwork of Travis Falligant whether on this site or on the Saturday Frights Podcast spot over on Facebook, the talented artist has always been kind enough to let us share his artwork.

Image courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Image courtesy of Travis Falligant.

The other day though he uploaded a new illustration to his own Facebook Page, a mixing of two fantastic 80’s films. The Breakfast Club and The NeverEnding story…both are classic movies to be sure. But when take John Bender’s (Judd Nelson) iconic victory pose…

Judd Nelson - John Bender - The Breakfast Club

…and marry it to the majesty of Falkor…

Falkor - The NeverEnding Story

…why you can see how Travis just might have created a work of art that begs to be turned into an epic poster, right?

Image Courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Image Courtesy of Travis Falligant.

I don’t believe that is in the works just yet but I can tell you that Travis is right at this very second selling his Golden Girls enamel pins over on his Official Store Page, for a mere $10 you can show your love of your favorite character from the classic TV series.

Image courtesy of Travis Falligant.

Image courtesy of Travis Falligant.

So please follow some of those links provided up top to check out more of Travis’ beautiful retro artwork and nab some of those Golden Girls pins for yourself!

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Behind The Scenes: The NeverEnding Story (1984)

Image courtesy of Ain't It Cool News and "Donald".

Image courtesy of Ain’t It Cool News and “Donald”.

Look what we have here, friends! By my count in this very Behind The Scenes photo we have a ChildLike Empress, a Luck Dragon, and a Bastian. I assume this photo was snapped during a break from the filming with Falkor and Barret Oliver as it looks like a blue screen has been set up behind the Luck Dragon. Perhaps Tami Stronach dropped by to remind Bastian that she still needed a name?

As always a huge thanks to Quint of Ain’t It Cool News for sharing these wonderful Behind The Scenes photos as well as to “Donald”, who provided the photo.