Trailer Tuesday: The Muppet Movie (1979)

On June 22nd in the year 1979, at the tender age of 7, sitting with my Father in our car at the local Drive-In theater I had an epiphany while watching the Muppet Movie.

1) I wanted to be a movie director.
2) I felt that the Muppets might possibly be the greatest thing ever created by the hands of man.

The first realization didn’t pan out…at least not yet. But the second one rings true to this day, Jim Henson was an unrivaled genius when it came to flights of imagination and finding everyone’s heart strings. I remember how my Father and I discussed how they were able to pull off the Muppets riding their bikes in the park on the way home, I don’t recall what the second feature of the night was but I remember my Father saying it was too scary. As he drove us home we each would continue to offer ideas on how the Muppets could ride those Bicycles.