Monster Squad

Learn all about the “Monster Squad” on the Retroist Video Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist “Monster Squad” VIDEO Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the eighties horror classic, The Monster Squad. This film is a cult classic that sometimes gets overlooked in the crowded field of eighties cult films. I start off by talking about how having missed seeing the film when it came out gave my friends the opportunity to pull a long running joke on me. Then I cover the movie’s plot, production, cast, and much more.

This video podcast was done by Justin M. Salvato of and is a video-ized version of the original Monster Squad podcast I did.


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Monster Squad

Fright-Rags’ The Monster Squad Poster Isn’t Bogus!

When The Monster Squad was released back in 1987, it kind of flew under a lot of radars. Now I was lucky enough to catch it in movie theaters. For the whole week it seemed to be playing in my neck of the woods. Growing up a Monster Kid of course meant this was right up my alley. I ask you how anyone could in fact pass up the movie with a poster as epic as this?

Image courtesy of IMP Awards.

However the disappointing box office didn’t in fact sink the film. As it seemed to find that audience it needed when it was released on VHS. While it may not have been the success the filmmakers were hoping for – like creating a sequel. It on the other hand has enjoyed a second life as a veritable cult movie.

Which is why in this case that those mad geniuses over at Fright-Rags are now offering a poster forThe Monster Squad. The artwork is by the talented Abrar Amjal, used in fact on their sold out T-Shirt series!

Monster Squad - Fright Rags

Images courtesy of Abrar Ajmal and Fright-Rags.

As you are a visitor to The Retroist I am positive that you’ll see the need to obtain this for yourself. On the other hand this is the Season of giving, right? You can click the link up above to visit the official ordering page.

While you are waiting to order The Monster Squad poster…why not listen to Rock Until You Drop by Michael Sembello?

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Still hungry for more about The Monster Squad? You are in luck as The Retroist covered the movie in his 70th podcast!

In addition I would like to thank the always awesome IMP Awards for the theatrical poster in this post. Furthermore if you want to really see some amazing collectibles and info for the movie – take a quick hop over to Shawn Robare’s Branded in the 80s!

Monster Squad

Happy 29th Anniversary To The Monster Squad!

On this day back in 1987, Director Fred Dekker and co-screenwriter Shane Black unleashed their love letter to the Universal Monsters of their youth with The Monster Squad. While it didn’t seem to particularly find it’s audience when it first hit theaters – thanks to VHS rentals and cable television it had the chance to slowly become recognized as a classic 80s film.

[Via] MyPsycho313
So besides watching the film today to celebrate the 29th anniversary of it’s release, you might also want to hop on over to The Monster Squad Art Show Tumblr to check out some very talented artists’ look at the characters from the film. For example this collection of 16-Bit artwork – by Justin Gammon, giving us a glimpse of a world where we were lucky enough to get a Monster Squad game for the Super Nintendo!

Or the GillMan by Hanzel Haro.

Image courtesy of Hanzel Haro and The Monster Squad Art Show.

Image courtesy of Hanzel Haro and The Monster Squad Art Show.

Or Dracula’s forces of darkness by Stephen Sandoval.

Image Courtesy of Stephen Sandoval and The Monster Squad Art Show.

Image Courtesy of Stephen Sandoval and The Monster Squad Art Show.

There is quite a bit more on the The Monster Squad Art Show Tumblr – so click the links to check out the rest of the awesome artwork on display.

Check Out 1987’s The Monster Squad Mashed With 2016’s Suicide Squad!

Fred Dekker’s The Monster Squad is hands down one of my favorite films. I was always a Monster Kid but Dekker’s cinematic love letter to the Universal Monsters still stands up today as just a great film.

Just the other day on the Director’s Official Facebook Page he shared this enjoyable fan-made creation by The Matt Caron Guy presenting a mash-up of The Monster Squad trailer with the beats and action cuts seen in the upcoming DC Comics’ film adaptation for the Suicide Squad…plus the excellent Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen of course.

Holy cow! That Matt Caron Guy even provided a comparison video too!

It’s Alive! Alive!!!

Behind The Scenes: Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

Wow! How is that for a way to start your Saturday morning, huh?! A big thanks to Quint as always for his excellent behind the scenes series over on Ain’t It Cool News! This time we have the absolute classic Universal Monster, the Gill-Man, or the Creature From The Black Lagoon as he is better known!

Just look at that costume…I really do not think that even today with all of our special effects we can bring to life something as awesome looking as that. We’ve come close of course with the Monster Squad and the fabulous works that the Stan Winston Studios brought to life.

That photo came from Steve Wang’s MySpace Page and make sure to take the time to check out his page because he has been involved with a TON of great monster effects!