Retroist Man from Atlantis Podcast

Retroist Man from Atlantis Podcast

Welcome to the Retroist Man from Atlantis Podcast. On today’s show we talk all about the 1970 Sci-Fi series, The Man from Atlantis. We talk about the pre-production, the cast, production of the show, its reception in the US and overseas and much much more. This is a very special episode because in this episode I have conduct my first interview for the show and what an interview! I talk to the Man from Atlantis himself, Patrick Duffy. We talk about the show and how we got the role on Man from Atlantis and the rigors of working on the show, we also talk about his time on Battle of the Network Stars, his wonderful web series Patrick Duffy and the Crab and of course we talk a little bit about Dallas.

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The Man from Atlantis now Available on DVD

Great news classic TV and Patrick Duffy fans, The Man from Atlantis, that sci-fi classic from the 1970s came out on DVD this week courtesy of the Warner Archive. To celebrate this wonderful moment, they are offering a special on both the complete TV series and the original telefilm series ($49.99 for both). I am a big of both as you will see from the upcoming podcast and I suggest you give it a look. You will not regret it.