Star Wars vs. the opening themes of 80’s TV shows

The Star Wars

There is no shortage of Star Wars mashup videos littered across the internet and they are normally of the “watch once and forget” variety. However, those of you with a certain nostalgia for 80’s TV shows and their ever-so-catchy theme tunes might enjoy what the Star Wars Mashup Channel has put together on Youtube.

Get ready for Star Wars visuals mixed to the intros of The Love Boat, MacGyver, Airwolf (Imperials and Rebels!), the A-Team and Dallas!

If you like these, check out the Star Wars Battle Tribute on the same channel which mixes The Prodigy track Voodoo People to various battles from the Star Wars saga.

The Love Boat Opening (1982)

The Love Boat ran from September 24, 1977 to May 24, 1986 and while 9 seasons is pretty good, I still think it ended too soon. The guest stars lineup for this episode ain’t bad. I mean where else are you gonna see a show where Dana Andrews and Skip Stephenson can be credited together? How did they do it week after week? That was the magic of The Love Boat.

Dreams of a Retro Love Boat

I love The Love Boat. Loved it as a kid and when I can watch it now, I still get a kick out of it. When I see the new retro TV shows coming out like The Playboy Club and Pan Am, I not so secretly hope that it will kick of a retro renaissance, a retrossance if you will, that will inspire the TV powers to bring back the Love Boat, setting it properly in the 1970s where it belongs.

A fan can dream.

Until the retrossance is in full effect, you can get your fix of the Love Boat on DVD or catch episodes of it online on sites like Hulu or in snippets on YouTube.