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Varese Sarabande Is Releasing Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Soundtrack!

Beginning as I do at the beginning and starting as I must at the start. Let me show you fate through the announcement that Varese Sarabande is releasing Jim Henson’s The Storyteller soundtrack at the end of this month. An epic release I will certainly add, friends. As on the 27th of April, the legendary record label will release a deluxe box set featuring not just Rachel Portman’s score for the 1987 series. In addition they have also included 1990’s The Storyteller soundtrack for The Greek Myths!

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At the beginning of this post I had a bit of fun changing a quote from the 1987 episode entitled Sapsorrow. All my silliness aside, I am indeed so very excited for this wonderful box set. Not just because I am a fan of all things Jim Henson of course. The truth is The Storyteller has certainly meant a great deal to me. I can vividly recall in fact, sitting on the living room floor, my homework spread out in front of me, when I caught my first episode. Which was Hans My Hedgehog.

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I was truly taken aback when this series of folklore stories didn’t take off. The beauty of what the Henson Company, the late and great screenwriter Anthony Minghella, as well as Rachel Portman created. Well, simply put… it was indeed astounding.

Naturally these adapted folk tales could have come across rather stale. But thanks to the writing. In addition to the astounding acting. Featuring everyone from Sir John Hurt, the titular Storyteller himself, to Jonathan Pryce (Brazil), Miranda Richardson (The Crying Game), and Jane Horrocks (The Witches) to name a few.
Storyteller Soundtrack - Derek Jacobi

We of course had Rachel Portman’s exceptional scores for improving an already memorable piece of entertainment. Who it so happens had this to say about her work in the Varese Sarabande press release:

“I felt I had real freedom to go as dark as I wanted, musically,” explained Portman. “I didn’t shy away from being really sad, or really dark, or really happy. I think that really matched the way the whole series was done, and the scripts. It always kind of ends in minor. I don’t know why. They all come back to a sad chord at the end.”

For myself, I can only say that while Rachel knowingly says she would finish off the music with a sad chord. I would offer however that it doesn’t make me think of something sorrowful. But a fitting musical chord, signifying the end of the tale itself. Although having said that, perhaps in The Soldier and Death there is indeed a bit of melancholy to the score. Although in this clip from the actual episode, you will hear some of that dark score of Portman’s.

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Friends, in a perfect world, the television series would have not only become a success. It would in addition have been picked up for many, many seasons. While of course it does have a loyal fan base, the news that Varese Sarabande was releasing The Storyteller soundtrack is an incredible thing. Fate as it were has obviously been kind to us fans of Henson and stellar soundtracks, right?
Storyteller Soundtrack - Sir John Hurt

So this is what is going to be included in that 3-CD deluxe box set:
Disc I Features:

  • Main Title (Extended Version) (0:41)
  • Hans My Hedgehog (Suite A) (4:19)
  • Hans My Hedgehog (Suite B) (6:22)
  • A Story Short (Suite A) (6:50)
  • A Story Short (Suite B) (5:19)
  • Fearnot (Suite A) (5:27)
  • Fearnot (Suite B) (6:37)
  • The Luck Child (Suite A) (6:17)
  • The Luck Child (Suite B) (5:09)
  • The Heartless Giant (Suite A) (6:50)
  • The Heartless Giant (Suite B) (6:53)
  • End Title (0:34)

Disc II Includes:

  • Main Title with Narration (featuring John Hurt) (0:41)
  • The Soldier and Death (Suite A) (5:04)
  • The Soldier and Death (Suite B) (7:59)
  • The True Bride (Suite A) (5:41)
  • The True Bride (Suite B) (6:18)
  • The Three Ravens (Suite A) (7:34)
  • The Three Ravens (Suite B) (7:59)
  • Sapsorrow (Suite A) (5:18)
  • Sapsorrow (Suite B) (6:03)
  • Main Title (Short Version) (0:37)
  • Unused Bumper A (0:12)
  • Unused Bumper B (0:10)

Disc III Contains:

  • The Storyteller: Greek Myths Main Titles (UK Version) (0:39)
  • Theseus & The Minotaur (Suite A) (7:23)
  • Theseus & The Minotaur (Suite B) (9:13)
  • Perseus & The Gorgon (Suite A) (7:00)
  • Perseus & The Gorgon (Suite B) (7:21)
  • Daedalus & Icarus (Suite A) (6:42)
  • Daedalus & Icarus (Suite B) (7:18)
  • Orpheus & Eurydice (Suite A) (8:47)
  • Orpheus & Eurydice (Suite B) (6:57)
  • Main Titles (US Version) (0:33)

Disc III Bonus Tracks:

  • Theseus (Suite) (1:34)
  • Orpheus (Suite) (1:29)

As well as a 32-page booklet featuring interviews with not just Portman. Also featured are Brian and Lisa Henson, Producer Duncan Kenworthy, Dominic Minghella (Anthony’s Brother), and Director Steve Barron. Incredible behind the scenes recollections and stories, put together thanks to NPR’s Tim Greiving.

Here however is what you need to do. Hop on over to Varese Sarabande, right this very second and pre-order your copy today. It is naturally a limited run so do not wait too long, okay?

Now then, how about a chance to listen to Rachel Portman yourself? She does not mention her work on The Storyteller soundtrack. But the Academy Award winning composer shares delightful insights on her work nonetheless!

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Do You Remember “The Christmas Toy”?

Well, if you forgot, then your previous Christmas toy (and toys) will be sad.

Timeless Treasures of Christmas

Some Christmas specials remain timeless treasures of years gone by, watched by several generations. The stories are timeless, the songs sung over and over again, and the word “classic” is bandied around. There are other specials that have the look, feel, and makings of a classic holiday tradition, only to mire in obscurity. These specials disappear after airing once, remembered by the children who watched that year, but never witnessed by anyone else thereafter.

This is the story of one such special, remembered fondly by this writer (and those who were old enough to know about it in 1986), but not really by anyone else.

This is the story of The Christmas Toy.

The Christmas Toy

ABC aired The Christmas Toy on December 6, 1986, sponsored by Kraft Foods, produced by the Jim Henson Company, and featuring a Santa suit-clad Kermit the Frog setting the stage.

The story takes place within a playroom, where the toys come to life when no one is around. (I know this sounds unoriginal, but this was nine years before Toy Story, so hear me out). The toys are aware that their fate hinges on not being out of position, as to freeze them forever. This particular evening in the playroom, however, is a Big Deal…it’s Christmas Eve!

Old Balthazar tells the toys that a new toy will join the group after the kids open presents the next day. Of course, this does not sit well with Rugby the Tiger Cub, who will not stand for being replaced as his owner’s favorite Christmas Toy.

And what happens next is a harrowing journey through the quiet hallways of the family home, all in a quest to be the Christmas Toy…now and forever!

It’s quite the adventure, complete with songs, familiar Muppet voices, and the Kraft TV recipes in lieu of actual commercials.

Which brings me to the next thing about this special…

“Celebrate the Season With Kraft!”

Since The Christmas Toy was sponsored by Kraft Foods, the ad space was given over to Kraft. And while they could have just run ads for their products, they took it a step further…

Uploads via Allison Venezio / Allison’s Written Words

(Yes, this was a feature on my blog in December 2015)

Kraft Foods showed off all the amazing recipes one could make with their foodstuffs, thanks to coupons in the Sunday paper, and recipes in that week’s TV Guide.

I particularly loved this…


So you’ve got amazing commercials for amazing yuletide eatings, and a Christmas special that’s all Muppets and Christmas.

So what happened? Why did this disappear into obscurity?

Where Did The Christmas Toy Go?

To answer your question…I have no idea.

The Christmas Toy wound up being a one-and-done special, as primetime Christmas programming goes. The special disappeared from conscious memory for seven years (save for the kids whose parents taped the special in 1986, like mine did), until resurfacing on VHS in 1993, and DVD in 2008, albeit edited for legal reasons to omit Kermit the Frog’s introduction.

You say “legal reasons,” I say “Disney will sue into oblivion.”

Probably wasn’t Disney’s doing (the DVD came out in 2008, and I don’t believe Disney owned The Muppets until a few years later), but someone didn’t want Kermit appearing here!

I’ve never been able to find any reason this special went into obscurity after its initial 1986 airing, but I treasure my recorded VHS of it – so much so, I transferred it to a DVD in 2009 to keep it preserved. I just transferred it to my laptop last night to keep a digital copy as a backup.

And yes, it is that good. The Christmas Toy became a yearly tradition for me for years, even if I watched it by myself. I plan to watch it this year (for the first time since 2009!) to recapture the magic all over again!


As for availability…its almost non-existent.

The DVD is out-of-print (the only way I can explain why a new copy is over $50), and forget YouTube – my last YouTube account was terminated because I uploaded this rare classic. Let’s just say Lionsgate found me out four years later (seriously, four years!).

To The Wayside…Like Last Year’s Christmas Toy!

I’m not ok with the “fall to the wayside” treatment The Christmas Toy got since its release. Among Muppet/Jim Henson specials, this one has the makings of a classic. I can assume it may have been Kraft’s sponsorship that has kept it from airing again. Perhaps this was meant to be a one-and done deal? I’m not sure, but I do know this…it’s not right.

I can’t stress that enough, apparently.

The story of hoping to be loved forever, and the lengths one will go (even when it is unnecessary) when that love is doubted makes for a timeless story. If you have an original print of the special, consider yourself lucky, and cherish it. Please, make a copy of your VHS, just keep it well preserved.

Like the toys in the special, The Christmas Toy deserves to be loved too.

Look, I Found A Clip!

If you truly want to get a song stuck in your head the rest of the day, may I recommend this clip?

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Age of Resistance - The Dark Crystal

Teaser Released For Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance!

Why is there an Age of Resistance in the world of The Dark Crystal? We will find out the answer to that thanks to Netflix’s exclusive new series. In fact the company just announced The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance today with this teaser trailer.

[Via] Netflix

Age of Resistance - Skeksis construction
While the teaser indeed showed us some wonderful footage from the likes of Jim Henson. As well as some brief glimpses at the legendary Creature Shop at work. We however aren’t given a lot to go on in regards to the the Age of Resistance‘s story. Thanks to a press release from The Dark Crystal website – it turns out this will be a prequel to the classic 1982 film.

“A beloved classic from the 80s marks its return as Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment network, will bring The Jim Henson Company’s The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance exclusively to members around the world. The 10-episode fantasy adventure series is a prequel to the groundbreaking 1982 fan favorite The Dark Crystal, and takes place many years before the events of the film. The series will be shot in the U.K., and will star an ensemble of fantastical, state-of-the-art creatures created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop™ and Brian Froud, the original feature’s conceptual designer.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance returns to the world of Thra with an all new adventure. When three Gelfling discover the horrifying secret behind the Skeksis’ power, they set out on an epic journey to ignite the fires of rebellion and save their world.

Feature film director Louis Leterrier (Now You See Me, The Incredible Hulk) will executive produce the series and direct. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will be a Netflix original series produced by The Jim Henson Company and executive produced by Letterier, Lisa Henson and Halle Stanford. Longtime Henson collaborator Rita Peruggi will serve as producer and Henson’s Blanca Lista will serve as a co-executive producer. Leading the writing are co-executive producers Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews (Life in a Year), and Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Lost, The 100).

“The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance will combine the art of puppetry perfected by The Jim Henson Company, with Louis’ vision, powerful storytelling and a mix of cutting-edge digital imagery and visual effects,” said Cindy Holland, Vice President of Original Content at Netflix. “I can’t wait for families around the world to see how we bring these unique characters to life.”

“Louis Leterrier is passionate about the world of The Dark Crystal and has an incredible creative vision for the series. He brings this passion to every facet of the production as he leads the talented team of artists and writers that are bringing this entire universe to life,” said Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company. “Netflix has a deep respect for my father’s original work and the many people it inspired. They are the perfect partners to create this next epic chapter in The Dark Crystal story for new fans and the loyal fans who have waited so long for more adventures from this world.”

Age of Resistance - Skeksis Illustration
So in addition to the awesome news that Leterrier will in fact be using practical visual effects alongside digital work. This prequel will most probably explain why the Skekis made it point to seek out all of the Gelflings. If you go by J. J. Llewellyn’s exceptional 1982 book The World of the Dark Crystal. A book I would also add is chock full of beautiful Brian Froud artwork. The Skekis in fact weren’t totally evil when the sundering first took place but soon however they changed. Taking the Gelflings as slaves and then of course destroying them almost entirely when the diminutive race devised the prophecy.

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Of course I will be sure to pass along any new information that we get about this exciting new series. Not only that but if you would like more vintage fun concerning the Dark Crystal.

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Moreover to prepare yourself for The Dark Crystal: Age of Reckoning why not listen to episode 058 of the Retroist Podcast?

Retroist Dark Crystal Podcast