Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid Theatrical Trailer (1982)

When I saw Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid at the Drive-In in my youth I didn’t realize at the time just how many classic Noir films were used as clips in the film, now I own most of those Noir movies in my DVD collection.
‘DMDWP’ was brought to you by the same people behind the Jerk and while it may be comparing apples to oranges I still think this movie is incredibly hilarious.

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Don’t believe me even with that awesome theatrical poster? Fine. How about the theatrical trailer then?

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The Jerk (1979)

Who can forget the moving film adaptation of Navine Johnson, a poor sharecropper’s son who never dreamed he was adopted?

The Jerk stars Martin, Bernadette Peters, Mabel King, Richard Ward, Bill Macy, Maurice Evans, and M. Emmet Walsh. It was directed by Carl Reiner and written by Steve Martin, Carl Gottlieb, and Michael Elias. This would be Maurice Evans final motion picture role.

It just so happens that last Sunday was Steve Martin’s 66th birthday, so take a moment and treat yourself to this absolutely hilarious and highly quotable comedy in his honor!