Hanna-Barbera’s Space Stars Intro (1981)

Space Stars Debuted on the NBC network in 1981 and took Hanna-Barbera’s classic Space Ghost and Herculoids characters and packaged them with two brand new shows properties, Teen Force and Astro and the Space Mutts. The hour long show didn’t rerun the original Space Ghost and Herculoids episodes from the 1960s however but featured new adventures and included cross-overs of the two shows as well.

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Astro and the Space Mutts featured Astro from the popular Jetsons series but this time he was teamed up with two other dogs named Dipper and Cosmo as they patrolled the galaxy as peacekeepers with their human leader, Space Ace.

The Teen Force introduced three super-powered teenagers from the alternate universe of Black Hole X! Kid Comet, who can move faster than the speed of light. Moleculad, who can control his molecular structure. Then there is Elektra who possesses telepathy, telekenesis, and teleportation! Along with two aliens named Plutem and Glax they combated the evil of Uglor of the planet Uris.

Spacetime’s Finest #2 By Dean Trippe!

How could you possibly make DC Comic’s Batman better? I’ll let you think about that for a second.

Okay. What is your answer?

Team him with the Herculoids? Why…yes, that would make not only Batman better but the Herculoids as well!

The answer I was looking for however comes to us from illustrator extraordanaire, Dean Trippe, with his wonderful cover to Spacetime’s Finest #2 featuring Batman…and the Powerpuff Girls!

The Herculoids – The Raiders

The Herculoids were created by legendary artist, Alex Toth, and produced by the famed duo William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1967. It is also as I have said before one of my absolute favorite cartoon series of all time, and the Warner Archive Collection is finally going to release a DVD through their manufacture on demand website on June 14th!

Thanks to 2rdmx for uploading this episode on YouTube!

Thundercats Reborn!

Remember how we were talking about how cool it would be if the Herculoids were rebooted with possibly Gennedy Tartakovsky at the helm? Well, he doesn’t have anything to with the Thundercats update but this was certainly what I had in mind with the Herculoids. After watching the trailer below from WonderCon I must say that I’m highly impressed. I need to give a huge thanks to Ain’t It Cool News for not only the heads up on the new series but allowing us to share it with you.

Thundercats debuts on Cartoon Network later this year. While I wish I had seen Panthro cracking some skulls in that trailer…at least we didn’t see any of the Ro-Bears from their Berbill village.

Thanks to Topless Robot for the promotional image below!