Did You Pop Yer Top For This 1968 Boardgame?

It’s my belief. My personal belief mind you – that board games were quite a bit more popular back in the 60s and 70s. In addition I think that they had a more imaginative approach to the designs of the game. Just a couple of weeks ago I shared that incredible 1979 Alien board game as a case in point.

Having said that I think the 80s had some amazing board games too of course. Many of them were movie tie-in’s like The Goonies. But you also had offerings that relied on other media – like 1988’s Shrieks and Creaks that used an audio cassette.

And it’s a fact there are some INCREDIBLE games being made today. Just off the top of my head I can’t recommend Inis, 7 Wonders, or Betrayal at House on the Hill enough.

Those games however are not exactly designed for children – or furthermore quick to finish. Which is why I try to seek out the older board games. Generally for the use of the arcade but some of them are for my personal collection. Of course looking for worthy games is half the fun and thankfully we have YouTube to help make things a little easier.

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Which is of course how I found this 1968 game from Milton Bradley. Pop Yer Top tasked Players on their turn to take control of the Koo-Koo bird.

Following the steps printed on the board – through two safe zones to reach the winner’s spot. Make sure to check out the degrees Koo-Koo goes to in those safe zones to ensure he doesn’t pop his top.

Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek.

There are no dice used in the Pop Yer Top. Instead a Player pushes their luck with each press of the wacky bird on the game board.
Pop Yer Top

The Players have no clue of course at which point Koo-Koo will pop his top.

If that happens the Player must go all the way back to the starting area. I’ve been able to find a few copies of Pop Yer Top for purchase on ebay. They range from a mere $12 to $33. Not a bad price for such a fun game if you ask me.

I really want to thank the always impressive BoardGameGeek for the image used at the top of the post as well as the board itself.

Granted if I do pick up a copy of Pop Yer Top I will have to look into Koo-Koo’s eyes for quite some time. His all-knowing eyes!

There Is A LEGO Knight Rider Set. No, Really!

That isn’t a fanmade Knight Rider set from the Brothers Brick, that is an official LEGO set – a Knight Rider set that should hit store shelves next February.

So this Knight Rider set means LEGO is going to take over the world, right?

Pretty much. At least in regards to pop culture retro related properties. I mean, please don’t get me wrong but who is it that you think LEGO is aiming this Knight Rider set to? I say it is most definitely the likes of us that visit The Retroist!

That isn’t all that LEGO is making for us retro-minded fans though. I previously shared the information about the upcoming LEGO Dimensions sets besides Knight Rider back in June. You might remember we are also getting Gremlins
The A-Team
Mission Impossible
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
and last but not least The Goonies – or at least Sloth from that film.

Why should we care about a LEGO Knight Rider though?

I know there may be a few of you out there that are asking yourself this very question. You are all dead to me. Just kidding of course – but how can you not get excited about a LEGO minifig version of David Hasselhoff, I mean Michael Knight?
Image courtesy of io9.

Image courtesy of io9.

My friends, please listen to me. We are lucky enough to live in a time where by next year you will be able to have Dr. Peter Venkman of 1984’s Ghostbusters driving K.I.T.T. through Gremlins’ Kingston Falls!
Image courtesy of io9.

Image courtesy of io9.

I kind of think that LEGO has made some amazing and excellent choices with Knight Rider and the other retro properties. In fact I believe I couldn’t be more impressed if they suddenly announced they were releasing a set for…

A huge thank you to Andrew Liszewski of io9 for the heads up on the Knight Rider set. Hey, if like myself you are geeking out over this release and need to pass the time until February, you can always keep Hasselhoff’s True Survivor on constant loop, right?

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LEGO Brings The Goonies, Gremlins, E.T. And More To Dimensions!

The brand new E3 trailer for the upcoming characters that will be offered for LEGO Dimensions is going to make your jaw drop to the floor with the amount of 80s icons this new trailer is packing!

I mean we have Mr. T from the A-Team – driving the that legendary van from the TV series!
Mr. T - The A Team - LEGO Dimensions

Sloth from The Goonies!
The Goonies - Sloth - LEGO Dimensions

Gizmo from Gremlins!
Gizmo - Gremlins - LEGO Dimensions

Ethan Hunt From Mission Impossible?! I know that is 1996 and all but still amazing!
Ethan Hunt - Mission Impossible

I can barely contain my excitement…I thought the Midway Arcade expansion for that game couldn’t be topped. I guess I was wrong!

[Via] LEGO Dimensions

Do You Remember The Goonies Board Game? (1985)

I have always been a fan of games, certainly I was bit by the electronic gaming bug early but I’ve never shaken the desire to collect and play board and card games. Not just vintage games mind you but the latest offerings like Sherwood and the Mars Attacks dice game!

I of course however have a very fond spot in my heart for those board games of my youth that for one reason or another I wasn’t able to obtain back in the day. Like 1985’s The Goonies from Milton Bradley…which to be quite honest I don’t recall ever seeing before stumbling on it today over on Board Game Geek.

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

The object of the game is to be the first player to escape the fiendish traps and tunnels of One Eyed Willy with your treasure crystal and to avoid the Fratelli gang naturally.

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

Each player takes on the role of their favorite Goonie (I call dibs on Data!) and try to move them across the paths of the game board which have regular spaces and encounter spaces. The instructions on Board Game Geek state that the regular spaces are considered the white stone, gold doubloons and the treasure crystal spots found in the Pirate Ship Cavern. With the encounter spaces on the board being the colored stones in Chester Cobblepot’s Chamber, Under the Wishing Well, Cannonball Chamber, One Eyed Willy’s Skull Room, and the Pipe Organ Chamber.

Depending on which card you pull in the Encounter area you might be faced with a Fratelli gang member and be sent to the last doubloon space you encountered…or basically you have to go back to the start of that encounter space. Thankfully the Goonies might have an ace up their sleeve if they hold the matching colored slide card to avoid the encounter or the all powerful Data card!

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

All images courtesy of Board Game Geek.

So while I’m busy looking for this board game on Ebay why don’t you share your favorite board game memories in our comments?